Sunday, September 20, 2009


After perching sunglasses over my be-contacted eyes and clipping a leash to Chienne's be-collared neck, we set off in the sunshine to do some thinking and sniffing, respectively.

My canine found interesting items to smell, keeping her nose near the ground as she trotted along. I followed, relaxing into a rhythm and letting the worry flow gently rather than swirl wildly.

Items of Worry
  • My fibroid is no longer asymptomatic. Further information is rather icky and "feminine" so I'll spare you.
  • I'm playing a part of putting people out of work. And the guilt is extreme.
  • I miss the girls and don't know when I'll get home to see them.
I returned home and called my parents, speaking briefly with each of my nieces and feeling even more urgency to get home to see them. They're wonderful and I like being around them.

I took a shower and then a nap. I worked on some easy items that I wanted to do. I ordered pizza and nibbled on a couple of slices while sharing with Chienne. I signed on to chat very briefly to ping Friend and she decided to call to catch me up on the super-dramatic soap opera that is her new lab. (It is such a good story that is so very well told, but our blog world seems to have lost Favorite Friend to her new lab. The lovely part is that she sounds so happy. She's found a spot where she's appreciated for being brilliant and funny and clever. I still miss the blog posts, but adore hearing Friend sound so good.)

The other thing that pleases me immeasurably is that there are a few people that I see on SiteMeter who are spending time with my archives. I love seeing people read for hours - I've done that with various blogs and never fail to become giddy and flattered when people return over days and spend actual time reading what I've written. So thank you, unknown visitors (and people in the past who have done the same and written me email). I have huge amounts of affection for all of you. And you, with Friend (who I also met via my blog), made what would have been a gloomy evening rather pleasant.


SciWo said...

I'm glad you are able to find the bright side of otherwise gloomy times. You are in my thoughts a lot.

JaneB said...

I'm so pleased to hear that Friend is doing OK - I miss her blog, but if she's happy that matters more.

Anonymous said...

i'm still praying for you, take care...

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