Monday, September 28, 2009

Bad, Worse, Worst

I did a Bad Thing with good intentions a couple of weeks ago. Even while doing it, I knew it was an offense that could be punished by dismissal and - for some reason I still don't understand - I did it anyway. I have since fretted that I'd be found out until I'm rather sick of myself. Tomorrow I shall fix it.

It turns out that fixing it is going to be painless and easy.

When you know something is wrong, do not do it.
When you do something wrong, fix it sooner rather than later to avoid excessive worry.

I have been double booking my calendar for at least 3 hours a day. Every day. This puts me in the near-constant situation of having to make priority calls on the fly, frantically trying to figure out which appointment I should keep when both seemed too important to initially decline. It sucks. I need to see Lesson(s) above and knock that crap off.

Anyway, it turns out that I blew off a rather important call when in the middle of another important call. So now I face a rather familiar task - apologizing all over myself and then going over what I should have done two weeks ago. It's ridiculous.

Move appointments I can't make. (Learned and implemented this week.)
Release guilt over disappointing people when they don't make my priority list and I ignore them.

There is a particularly challenging group I deal with. Upon being disappointed with a situation before, they reported me to my boss's boss. It turns out that my dislike of disappointing people is nearly canceled out by my annoyance at being tattled on.

Tomorrow, while dealing with Worst and Worse, I have to deal with these folks and deliver Outstandingly Disappointing News. I dread this. Completely. A lot. But it must be done (or so I keep telling myself). But my stomach is in knots just thinking of it.

Trust no one. Do not give timelines or make promises.
Fear not. They've already been angry and sought revenge. Why not let them try again?

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you are so busy, good luck with everything!

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