Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Call for Recipes

I think I fell asleep for a moment or two while I was washing my hair. I've been taking conference calls starting at 6AM, putting in a full day of work on a special project then joining visitors for dinner and drinks. I am extremely tired.

I realized, after I blinked the water out of my eyes and finished rinsing my hair, that I had invited several people to my house on Thursday evening. I sleepily wondered what I'd cook for dinner and realized I have absolutely no idea. Mom made a very decent lasagna when she was here - I could recreate that. I haven't made cheesy potatoes in a long time. So there are contingency plans.

But - given cool weather and approximately 8 guests for a casual dinner - any suggestions for what to cook?


phd me said...

Well, given how tired you are, my suggestion would be anything easy. :) It's more about the company, anyway. How about a pasta dish (lasagna, spaghetti or lemon penne with chicken) and a pretty salad (field greens, dried cranberries, mushrooms, carrots)? A fruit cobblers is an easy dessert - but so is a gallon of ice cream, sprinkles and a spoon!

Amelie said...

hmm... I do like to make Spätze (traditional pasta from southern Germany, I have a recipe somewhere in my blog if you're interested), but (a) it's a bit of work and they're best when fresh, so not something you can prepare well in advance, and (b) doing something new when you expect so many guests might be a bit stressful... How about a quiche or related pie-like dishes that you can prepare and then bake so that it's ready in time? Lasagna also sounds good, and a pretty salad is always nice. Desert with fruit and/or chocolate and everyone should be happy :)
Have fun!

Digger said...

If it's getting cool and fall-ish by you, lasagna sounds wonderful; or a big ol' pot of chili with a selection of toppings for people to pick from (cheese, sour cream, chopped onions, olives, etc.). If it's still summer-y, quiche is yummy!

I hate falling asleep in the shower; at least you remembered to wash/rinse your hair! I'm guilty of either at least once a month lol

Dr. Brazen Hussy said...

Boeuf bourguignon or coq au vin - very impressive but actually quite easy to make!

Lasagna sounds great too.

t said...

Pizza! I've taken to making my own pizza lately and it's delish! You can even make up a double batch and then have everyone top their own personal pizza.

Geeka said...

I try to stay away from tomato based sauces, that way people don't have to worry about getting them one their clothes.

For cooler weather stuff, what about individual pot pies with a puff pastry lid, and apple tarts. You could do some roasted veg. And a good salad.

Most of the stuff you could prep today, and then just assemble tomorrow.

Ambivalent Academic said...

Do you have a slow cooker? My favorite delicious entertaining meal requires hardly any prep at all. Seriously, this takes about 20 minutes to prepare, then you just let it cook all day. It's always a hit:

Drunken Carnitas:

Buy a 2lb prok shoulder roast (preferably bone-in but this is not critical). On the morning of your party, dry rub it all over with LOTS of ground cumin, and some cayenne if you like it spicy - work it into all the crevices. Place in the slow cooker. In a separate bowl, mix 1 chopped red onion, several cloves minced garlic, some sliced jalapenos (optional), 2 jars apricot preserves, and enough tequila to make it goopy. Pour this over the pork shoulder, cover the slow cooker and turn it on. Should be done in about 6 hours, but longer won't hurt it. The pork will be juicy, flaky and tasty.

Serve with steamed tortillas, beans, chopped tomatoes and avocados and shredded cheese buffet-style. Everyone will love it and you won't be exhausted from cooking - to me that's the best kind of party.

Have fun!

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