Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Numbered List of Random Thoughts

  1. I was always confused by fact and opinion. It seemed to me that "My favorite color is blue," should be a fact while "Blue is the best color," was an opinion. But I vividly remember my 4th grade teacher telling me they were both opinions.
  2. I still believe I'm right.
  3. I am not offended when men curse in front of me.
  4. I am, however, charmed when they apologize for it.
  5. I'm having trouble with medication side effects. Complete loss of sexual interest (which is fine, I suppose) and much trouble sleeping (which is problematic).
  6. I can compose complete emails again though! And my inbox is once again under control.
  7. I hate it when people are redundant.
  8. When distracted, I find I'm distressingly redundant.
  9. I've always wanted to give our prizes on my blogiversary.
  10. Last night, when I couldn't sleep, I came up with two fabulous prize packages for my November 13 celebration. I'm very excited.
  11. One of the prizes contains a Care Bear!
  12. The other will be full of professionally revealing items.
  13. Having a colleague who is not contributing very much really brings down team morale.
  14. I therefore find I'm unmotivated lately.
  15. I am also angry that said colleague is impeding progress and getting away with it.
  16. There have been rumors that she's sleeping with her boss.
  17. I think those are despicable and refuse to discuss it.
  18. Yet I overheard reliable information in the rest room that indicates it may be true.
  19. This makes me sad and disappointed.
  20. Chienne is no longer taking her glaucoma pills, though she remains on the drops.
  21. She is So Much Happier. She sleeps less and plays more - is all bouncy and affectionate and cuddly.
  22. I therefore pick the risk of earlier blindness over miserably drugged.
  23. The Big Bang Theory is excellent TV.
  24. It makes me enjoy Monday evening.
  25. I also liked Royal Pains.
  26. Carrie recommended them both - she prescreens television shows and tells me which ones I will enjoy.
  27. The evening temperatures are perfect. I start out with the covers bunched in the middle of the bed and slowly pull them over my body as it gets cooler outside.
  28. I'm not sleeping well, but at least I'm not too hot while I lie awake.
  29. My neighbors have taken to playing badminton.
  30. I'm absolutely amazing at badminton.
  31. It was the only tournament I ever won in high school.
  32. I have decided I'm very afraid of balls - soccer, baseballs, kick balls, basketballs.
  33. Birdies that float gently through the air are just my speed.
  34. I'm very confident that I could crush the neighbor kid.
  35. When I was little, I loved the Grand Prize Game on the Bozo Show.
  36. I also liked Caspar the Friendly Ghost.
  37. And Mr. Roger's Neighborhood, but mostly for the village of those puppet creatures.
  38. I was in an airport and saw the puppet kingdom.
  39. I don't remember which airport...
  40. I might go to China this month!
  41. But I was supposed to go to Europe last week.
  42. Sometimes plans fall through.
  43. Even when expected, it's disppointing.
  44. I take Chienne for walks in the morning.
  45. Now when I get ready for work, she runs to the front door and whines.
  46. It's actually good motivation to go walk for 30 minutes or so.
  47. My neighbor has taken to honking at me when she sees us walking outside.
  48. It startles me.
  49. I don't like being startled and have taken to glaring at her in response.
  50. I should probably apologize.
  51. Mr. Sprout is bored.
  52. He bothers me at night - batting at my feet and cuddling incessantly.
  53. But he's a sweet cat.
  54. Sometimes I find him while sleeping and bat at his ears and cuddle incessantly.
  55. I feel it's only fair.
  56. But it's probably why he persists in waking me - it's how we show affection.
  57. I am sincerely befuddled as to the controversy over letting children watch the President's speech in schools.
  58. School is for learning - listening and discussing ideas even if you may not agree with them.
  59. Beyond that, how inflammatory could he possible become with this audience?
  60. I grew very concerned about what parents are teaching their children over this episode.
  61. Then I started wondering what made certain people popular when they're young.
  62. Appearance? Family? Wealth? Talent?
  63. I wasn't particularly popular.
  64. I suppose I'm still not - it takes a special kind of person to enjoy me.
  65. And most of them change their minds at some point.
  66. For those of you who've not experienced it, missing someone who neither likes nor misses you back is very sad.
  67. Fortunately, I've become used to it and recover increasingly quickly.
  68. The problem is that I really don't trust people anymore and have become increasingly introverted.
  69. That's OK though - I like to read.
  70. I finished four books in 2 days this weekend and enjoyed it very much.
  71. The days are getting shorter.
  72. While I welcome the cooler weather, I do miss waking up while it's light outside.
  73. After waking, I have a single cup of coffee (cream, no sugar) at home.
  74. Upon arriving at work, I begin to drink tea.
  75. My favorite is mint tea.
  76. It's always the first kind gone though - it must be a common favorite.
  77. I'm always tempted to horde a new box when it arrives by the water cooler/heater.
  78. I never have. Instead, I pick another kind - orange or black chai or rose-something.
  79. I do not like green tea. Will not drink it.
  80. If you pat Sprout, he will bite you.
  81. I just patted him.
  82. He bit me.
  83. I have found his laser pointer.
  84. He very much likes to play dot.
  85. My house is divided into relatively small rooms on the main floor - it's not a good dot-playing location.
  86. There is a tiny bag of catnip at the top of my stairs.
  87. I threw it up here so Sprout would leave us alone at night.
  88. It's utterly ineffective.
  89. Know what I miss most about Former Institution? Other than Friend, of course.
  90. The hand soap. It smelled like lilacs.
  91. I believe meetings should begin and end on time.
  92. I have therefore started walking out with a careless shrug at their scheduled meeting time, regardless of whether our business is completed or not.
  93. It's like honking at bad drivers - if I don't correct them, how will they learn?
  94. Two men (it's always men in my experience) can have lengthy email conversations about the idea of having a meeting.
  95. I waited for 6 emails (1. We should have a meeting. 2. Yes. 3. Good - I'm glad you agree. 4. No problem. 5. I could meet on Thursday. 6. Thursday might work.) before I was sighing so much that I thought I was going to pass out.
  96. So I set up the meeting.
  97. That either makes me delightfully efficient or means I act like an assistant rather than a valuable member of the team.
  98. It mostly means I get impatient with useless emails though.
  99. Coming up with 100 things is a much shorter process if I don't incorporate links.
  100. And I think this has been boring enough that I've coaxed myself into sleepiness. If you made it this far, good night and God bless.


Digger said...

Sleep well, and I'm with you on #s 1 and 2.

ScienceWoman said...

Mint tea is the best. Green tea is vile. Hope you slept well.

Anonymous said...

I prefer normal Tea, with milk and sugar. But I do like fruit teas. I agree, Green tea is vile.

Amanda@Lady Scientist said...

Dixie Dog enjoys chasing the spot, too. Some times I wonder if she's part cat. I've yet to try mint tea, but I may have to after the hype you and SW gave it.

Inside the Philosophy Factory said...

I think you're right about #1 as well -- and I teach this stuff :) -- I simplify it down to the question of whether or not a dispute on the statement can be objectively settled... So, you could point to a large number of blue clothing --and your over-used blue crayon as evidence for "blue is my favorite color" -- but, you have no such objective (and uncontestable) evidence for "blue is the best color".

Amelie said...

Looks like you'll leave all the green tea for me! I really like it. But the leaves have to be removed from the hot water after a very short time.

computer science without a cause said...

I like The Big Bang Theory and Royal Pains as well !

Estrella said...

#1: I'm with you on this.

#21: Yay! :)

#57-60: We weren't allowed to watch the speech at my school, but I read the transcript online & loved it.

#78: Love black chai as well ... and vanilla chai ... and English Breakfast tea. :)

#79: Me neither.

#92: I'm SO jealous. Wish I could do this.

I realized that even though I'm reading you on Bloglines, I haven't commented recently. I still adore you & your writing ... and I hope China works out. :)

Anonymous said...

the big bang is AWESOME! have you seen glee? totally different but still great. mint tea is best and green tea is nasty. I miss my old place's soap too, but it didn't smell lovely, just didn't make my hands super dry. i hope you're sleeping better these days...

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