Wednesday, September 19, 2007


I spent a couple hours this afternoon to mindlessly watch television and add references to EndNote. It's pleasant enough and a way to pass the time until we're due at the hospital tomorrow (10:30 - her procedure will likely start sometime after 1). I type words into FirstSearch and export my references as Friend told me to do and slowly build a library for this paper I'm going to sneak in.

We basically waited today. I slept very well last night, and woke before Mom this morning. I played with data and wrote a bit. I was deep inside my head and rather enjoyed being there with all the thoughts and plans. I pondered what advice I would offer for the upcoming carnival and decided that "find a job where you can basically take a month off for ankle/travel/family issues." was likely less than appropriate. I'll keep thinking on it.

I put boneless ribs (delightful! Delicious without gnawing meat off a bone!) in the crockpot this morning, then Mom and I relaxed. She read while I worked, then we both napped. We ran a couple of errands this afternoon before returning home to finish dinner preparations. Dad got home, grilled the ribs, then we cleaned up. Mom just left us in the living room watching Headline News so she could finish her book. Dad's reading Hot Rod and I'm writing for my blog. It's very peaceful and quiet (apart from the painfully loud TV volume - I think Dad is going deaf.) So we're all waiting. And preparing for a stressful day at the hospital, which we hope will be quick and easy and successful, but will nonetheless leave us all nervous and exhausted.

In the meantime, home is calling. Cousin and her family went last weekend to check on my house. Jay mowed the lawn. Cousin and Little Cousin got the mail and watered plants. I've moved multiple appointments multiple times. I've apologized to several people at work for pushing back meetings. I miss home in some sense, but feel no great pull to return. I think the mental separation that occurs when I prepare to leave a place has started to occur. The tug that makes me long for my bed and the cooler temperature on the thermostat and the dog door that keeps Chienne from waking me at all hours. I miss not arguing with Dad about things I know are false but he doggedly argues are true. I like being able to think of Mom as healthy and happy when I don't walk down the hall and see evidence to the contrary. But I'm not anxious to leave.

Yet I return on Sunday. When Mom makes appointments for next week, I realize I'll have to call to receive updates. I'm praying this all goes well and that she found some comfort from my being around this week. Because it's coming to an end soon. But it was nice to have a restful day as we head into this last hurdle.


ppb said...

I'm glad your mom is doing a bit better.

Estrella said...

I'm glad you're able to be there with your family. I loved reading about Little One's birthday party- she and Smallest One are adorable. :-)

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