Thursday, September 13, 2007

Multiple Choice

Please select the worst moment of today from the following choices.

  1. 1:10PM. I find myself, despite all efforts not to do so, violently throwing up in my parents' bathroom. A migraine started when I was at lunch with Mom and some of her friends. I made it home, took two Excedrin and felt myself get warmer and warmer. I hate the act of vomitting, but I did so regardless. One of those things that's beyond my control. And I don't think I'll have Quiznos salad again, which is a shame since I used to enjoy them.
  2. 3:32AM. Dad gently says my name and asks me to go sit with Mom. I push my glasses on my nose and walk gently down the hall after telling him to have a good day at work. She wept for nearly 30 minutes - the fear and pain and worry wearing her down. I soothed as best I could, being physically present until I coaxed her into taking a Darvocet. Then we both slept.
  3. All darn day. Missing the nurse's call three times to find out if it was OK to take pain meds when she was suffering so. Her surgeon told her only to take one before therapy. I say that if she's that miserable, it's OK to take something to help. I plan to win this one, but need to wait until tomorrow.
  4. 10:20AM. Actually talking to the family doctor - I neither like nor trust him - and realizing that he's as useless as I've always thought. No good suggestions or anything other than complete confidence in local doctors. I'm starting to consider bringing Mom home with me to current institution for care.

Please select the true statement from the following choices.

  1. I am receiving no pressure to return to work from Boss. He will include Mom in his prayers and would like to be updated on her progress and my plans.
  2. My ankle is considerably better. It's still a bit tight, but appears to have assumed a mostly normal shape. I can walk slowly, but with an almost imperceptible limp.
  3. Mom replied to a nurse's question over whether she was pleased she had her knees done with an incredulous look and an "absolutely not."
  4. I'm pleased Mom has good friends who are interested, caring and distracting. Had I not been miserably ill during the meal, I would have enjoyed the women even more.
  5. Dad's doing very well with being comforting and gentle with her. He sat with her this morning before getting me. He gives her injections in her tummy (apparently Lovenox stings like crazy) and is really doing well with all of this. I'm pleased with him.
  6. Tylenol PM does cure my migraines. I was able to keep it down then I slept for an hour and woke up feeling shaky, but OK.
  7. All of the above.


Rebecca said...

What a crappy day! Hope things improve soon.

ppb said...

oh, I hope you feel much stress.

psychphd (to be) said...

So sorry about your horrible day.

Propter Doc said...

You poor wee thing! I hope things get a little easier for your Mum. Too stressful. The migraines just don't help.

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