Friday, September 07, 2007

Talk, check.

I recall carefully placing my boot on the single step that led to the stage. I remember reaching to adjust the microphone and feeling grateful the chair opened my presentation on his laptop. Then, less than 15 minutes later, it was over. I have some recollection of making eye contact with various people in the sparse audience. I think I spoke quickly since we were running nearly an hour behind after starting - once again - very late this morning. But I think I said what I wanted to say - the benefit of memorization is that my consciousness is focused on words I've rehearsed and the nervous parts of me get forgotten in the focus. So I guess it was fine. I know it is over.

I couldn't sit through more talks though. So I returned to my room to order lunch - I've never had so much room service in my life. It's just that giving senior people 15 minute time slots is murder on your schedule. These guys talk. And talk and talk and talk. And when nobody can be bothered to open the morning session, it just gets out of control. So I express my displeasure with the whole situation by being absent. I shall nap and fight my headache and perhaps muster a bit of energy to sightsee. It's disappointing. But I will survive.

Things are going better at home. Mom sounded OK, though tired. Little One wanted to come over again, so she's spending the day with Mom. Brother is now very ill, but his wife refuses to do anything at all. She couldn't even walk down 3 stairs to unlock the door for Mom this morning. Nor can she heat up food for herself during the day - she simply waits until Brother returns from work so he can wait on her. Twit. That's disappointing too.

Other than random complaints though, all appears to be well. I do hope I make it back to DC under better circumstances. The city seems worthy than more of wrinkly-nosed memories.


Locks said...

congrats on finishing your talk. i am sorry Brother's wife is such a complete Twit. I am sending you and he good thoughts so you both can feel better.


ScienceWoman said...

Wait, didn't brother's wife *just* have the Littlest One? If I drag through the dim recesses of my mind in the week or two after Minnow's birth, I wasn't doing too much walking or cooking either. Unless I'm confused on the timing/person, you may need to give her the tiniest break on this one.

Your conference sounds horrible. It's too bad you are in in the boot, DC is such a fun city to explore. Better luck with both the conference and the sight seeing next time, I hope.

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