Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Abnormally concise

I published that without saying anything - I'm not that concise.

I drove and made it home with moderate pain. The ankle is OK, but the muscles in my legs protested the stretches.

Walking is difficult. I hobble and it hurts. This means the gigantic boot will - against my fervent hopes - be traveling with me.

Mom just went to bed after crying. I hate that her knees still bother her so much. I'm growing to hate her surgeon.

I met Smallest One. She is small. And sleepy. And absolutely perfect.

Little One is sick, but getting better. We joined them for dinner and I cuddled and talked and played and wondered if I really want kids or not. Seems like a lot of work on a day where I was achy and tired and wanted to rest.

My flight is at 6:15 tomorrow morning. So now I must sleep.

Oh, and my word ceased to become important to me, though I still have no idea what it is. Nice when that works out, yes?


Anonymous said...

glad you got to spend time with the family... so sorry your mom is still suffering. and hope you get better soon too!

Estrella said...

Thinking of both you and your mother as you continue to heal. Glad you got to recharge this weekend at home ... and what a special treat to meet Smallest One! :-)

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