Sunday, March 04, 2012

Progression of Pretty, Part Final

Perhaps if you study hard and discover truths and achieve greatness, someone will build a statue of you looking thoughtful.

Then a bird will land on the head of that statue and make me giggle. So I win in the end, yes? For greatness is fleeting - I have departed from Venice.

I gave musicians money throughout Italy - I like to think I'm a patron, especially of heavy coins instead of real money made of paper. So violin guy was cool with me taking a photo. I think.

I ate here, more because I was freezing - having left my coat at the hotel with my bags - than anything. The food was OK. The guy in charge was sort of mean.
And the tiramisu - though a bit deconstructed-looking - was delicious. So I win in the end.

With cocoa and sugar on top.

There's a chance that I didn't pay for my second boat ride on the actv line back to the hotel.

Dear Venice - Very sorry. Love, Katie

I did pay for my boat ride to the airport. And flight to CDG. And subsequent flight to LHR. And subsequent car to my hotel so I can sleep for a few hours before catching my train tomorrow morning. (Oh, my life is so hard after spending an exquisite weekend in Venice... Poor Katie...)

Actually, I did have some moderate anxiety issues while there - I just kept pretending it wasn't happening. But more on that when we're away from the pretty, yes?

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