Saturday, March 03, 2012

Progression of Pretty, Part 3

"People in Europe like dogs therefore I like people in Europe," I told a colleague in France, but the trend continues to Italy as canine companions trot about the narrow streets and over the steps on bridges.

I waited impatiently for the light to change as the sun took its leave. It's such a lovely set of moments though, where everything becomes bathed in pastels that deepen into my favorite shade of blue and then to inky black.
My favorite shade of blue... And also a bellini!

"You won't be cold?" the hostess asked when I requested this table outside. 'I will,' I thought though I assured her I was fine, 'but it's worthwhile.'

And it was - the colorful petals on the flowers planted nearby, the shifting colors as night fell, the sound of waves crashing against the bridge as boats passed. It was breathtaking.

By the time I'd finished dinner - Pizza Calzone with ham and mushroom and the most wonderful cheese - the blue had eased and black emerged. So I took the short walk back to my hotel to read and rest and dream.

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Comrade Physioprof said...

That tomato sauce looks fucken baddeasse!

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