Saturday, March 03, 2012

Progression of Pretty, Part 1

"I would not want such a pretty guest to get lost," the man at reception said when I returned from my walk this morning and asked - albeit belatedly - for a map. I laughed because I looked thrown-together at best, having awakened before dawn but lazing until the sky started to brighten. At which point I threw on clothes and grabbed my camera so as not to lose the changes in lighting for such a beautiful place.

You'll likely have to indulge me several of these photo posts while I'm here. I like words - perhaps too much - but I find I don't have them when I'm so enchanted. So this is like me grabbing your hand of tugging your sleeve or slipping my arm through yours while walking so I could say, "Look... Isn't it bellissima?"


Whoosh... said...

very beautiful... thanks for these nice pictures!
...and now Caffè and Cornetto for breakfast.

Pika said...

Great photos!

You are lucky there is no fog - I was there in winter once and for days there was this thickest fog I've ever seen. Thick enough to not see down to the street from my 1st floor window. All you could hear were the foghorns that the boats used constantly to avoid each other.

If you have time (and if you are taking advice on what to do :-), take the boat to the outer islands of Murano (where they make coloured glass) and Burano (where they make special lace).

Comrade Physioprof said...

Is the canal water still grotesquely skanky?

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