Saturday, March 03, 2012

Progression of Pretty, Part 2

My guidebooks all advised "getting lost in Venice" both literally and figuratively. I finally decided that most people must typically know where they are when traveling. I do not. Therefore, I found the maze of sidewalks and bridges remarkably refreshing.

If there's only one way to go, one cannot really get lost.

I said a prayer of gratitude before taking this - the church was empty except for me and the woman arranging flowers.

These made me smile when I saw them, when I downloaded the photo and when I uploaded it to my blog.

As far as I could tell, the plan was to look at the pretty and shop. So that's what I did.

Oh! Then I was a little tired of seeing the pretty and shopping so I did as advised and found a spot with no tourists and stopped for lunch. This was spinach and cheese tortellini with butter and sage. It was perfection. I'm not sure how I'm going to enjoy food after eating in Italy and appreciating how pasta should taste.

Flowers! I needed something to break up all the photos of buildings and shops.
I seem to be on a 'walk two hours then rest a bit' schedule. So I'm back in my suite, having showered and opened my windows (3 windows!) to the sunshine and fresh air of the lagoon view. I think I may nap a bit before setting out again.

Oops - they've called to clean the room as I arrived back when it was apparently my turn. So I've come to the bar to drink my Coke Zero and await my clean room. (Which I wouldn't have made them do, but it cost the earth and I wanted to show you photos without my clutter marring the pretty.)


Comrade Physioprof said...

Jeezus motherfucke! Thatte fucken tortellini looks INSANELY GOODE!!!

post-doc said...

It was INSANELY GOOD. I've actually thought of you a couple of times while eating since your over-the-top appreciation of food is particularly well placed in Italy. I feel a bit physioproffish when dining.

Amelie said...

Those balloons made me smile, too :)
And I'm jealous of the insanely good tortellini!

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