Sunday, August 23, 2009

Timing is Everything

"Now I'm irritated," I muttered, glaring at my computer screen. Feeling utterly self-important, I canceled my entire trip because one of our scientists was suddenly unavailable to take our day-long meeting. When he suggested I was overreacting, I gasped with indignation and set about ignoring him.


"Can you come by noon?" Adam asked the other day.

"No," I replied, wishing I was faster at texting while I focused completely on finding the correct letters on the buttons of my phone. "Have meeting at 1230." Sighing because I'd worked very hard to create the simple message, I jumped when the phone vibrated in my hand and opened it again.

"No," he had immediately responded with his full Blackberry keyboard. "Need you at noon. Call me."

"You could have called me," I muttered - it's becoming a habit - as I pressed send. "But, no. I always have to do the work - Hey," I interrupted myself when he answered. "I have meetings and calls and stuff to do! It's very difficult when you say 'drop everything' 20 minutes before you decide I have to be somewhere!"

"So you're coming?" he clarified, sounding amused and I sighed, bag already on my shoulder as I headed out the door.

"On my way." And while I drove to where I was ordered to appear, I made several phone calls to reschedule and apologize for being unpredictable and annoying. I vary widely between finding the power structure comforting - it's easy to do what you're told - to wildly ridiculous - when what you're told to do doesn't make much sense. But I remind myself that I'm a tiny working cog in a gigantic machine.


"Ah," I murmured, pulling neatly into a space at Target. Having arrived just after 7PM, the parking lot was far calmer than normal. Selecting a bright red cart and moving through the brand-new store, I consulted my list and picked up necessary items. I barely remember the last time I grocery shopped for more than a few essential items. When the basket was full and everything neatly crossed off the paper I held, I pranced back to my car with everything I needed.

I'd planned to go for well over a week - unable to stop after work because it was too late or I had urgent tasks to handle from home. I missed last weekend because I'd worked non-stop. But waiting worked in my favor - a nearly empty store, handful of coupons and time to wander and peer at the pretty merchandise. I returned home to refill Sprout's food canister and tell Chienne about my successful shopping trip. Time seems to have mended her injury as well - she jumps up on furniture again without sounds of pain!


I've never scheduled a day trip. If I go somewhere, I expect to take meetings for upwards of 8 hours, sleep in a hotel then return home. Travel plans have shifted such that I'm making trips with someone who very rarely books hotels. So I'm facing a 3:30AM to 10PM travel day tomorrow. Which is Not Good. I get very grumpy when I'm not properly rested.

This is why I'm going to be in bed before 8 tonight. One hour left to achieve proper sleepiness.

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