Monday, August 24, 2009

'Back to School' Quiz

Since I'm not returning to campus after a summer break, I thought I'd honor the occasion for many of you with a little quiz.

A. I'm considering password protecting the blog. Your advice is __.
  1. Don't do that.
  2. Sounds smart! Start a new blog, invite people and protect it.
  3. Seriously belated - keep Minor Revisions, pull it all behind a password and let people ask for access.
  4. Good idea only if there are plans to post photos and stop with the pseudonyms.

B. Chienne ran away before 4AM today. My reaction most closely resembled ____.
  1. Happiness - the puppy is no longer injured!
  2. Annoyance - I'm up before dawn and now running late because I didn't close the latch.
  3. Deep sadness - another creature I love has run from me and if I chase her she'll only go farther.
  4. Inexplicable deep sadness even after she returned.

C. I almost missed my return flight this evening due to a colleague being late. My reaction was ____.
  1. Normal - I'm always irritated when someone is late, but it's not a big deal.
  2. Hormonally-motivated rage - I was furious and offended, but settled on a glare to express my displeasure.
  3. Irrational panic and fury. Which I expressed at great length to everyone around.

D. An exchange student sat next to me on the flight home. Our conversation made me _____.
  1. Nostalgic - I remember being 17 and eager to learn everything even in the uncertainty of where those lessons would take me.
  2. Awed - I can't imagine being brave enough to go to a foreign country for 9 months, live with strangers and immerse myself in a new culture.
  3. Scared and frantic with worry - What if he's homesick? Doesn't make friends? Nobody finds his backpack of maps and dictionaries and books charming? What if he has to sit by himself at lunch?!
  4. All of the above.

E. Unpleasant email from work and mildly bad personal news made me feel the same way this evening. That way could be described as ______.
  1. Petulant. People should always let me win and tell me only good things.
  2. Resilient! I can do all things through God who strengthens me.
  3. Overwhelmed. Chest tight, head ache, stomach cramped - it hurts to even breathe.

F. My mood at night compared to how I feel in the morning is _______.
  1. Worse, but that makes sense - I'm a morning Katie.
  2. Sleepy - too tired to think past the exhaustion of another 18 hour day.
  3. Pure Misery - nightmares when asleep, worse when awake.
  4. Equal to or better than.

Extra Credit: Tomorrow - in addition to the list of phone calls I need to return, I should add ______.
  1. Meditation and prayer.
  2. Any friend - it sounds like I need to talk to someone.
  3. My doctor - it sounds like I need a little more Celexa.
  4. Screw it - skip the calls and meetings and work, curl up on the floor and hope this goes away.
(I will be OK. I promise. The suffering is just hard right now.)


Amelie said...

Oh Katie. I hope you feel better soon, and that you get some good news. Maybe adding the doctor and a [coffee|lunch|cocktail] break with a friend would be good?

The password thing is hard. It depends on who you write for, or want to write for. I think one of the first posts of yours that I read was "Indefensible", and it is so important to have such stories out there. But of course, the more personal details you share, the less comforting this internet anonymity paired with total accessibility seems. I struggle with the same question.

Anonymous said...

Ive only commented here once, but I'm always here, silently reading and sharing in your life. Your an inspiration to me =)
For the quiz, A - I think 3 would be the best option, those who ask for acsess would obviously be people who care about you. Plus I love your stories - The Whales, Penguin and yourself the Polar Bear make me smile, I love reading them.
B - If it was me it would be a mixture of all 3, and I hope you and she are both okay.
For the rest, I dont feel confident enough to say, but I hope your alright and continue writing.

*statgirl* said...

I am another long time follower although a rare (not sure I have ever?) commenter. I read your space every day and enjoy following your ups and downs outside of academia. I left my traditional academic role behind as well. I am fascinated by what you do---so if an anonymous blog gives more insight to that, I would love to be around to read it.

Brigindo said...

I'm wondering if you are more worried about the profile of this blog now that you're in the a corporate environment. I know there's been a lot of talk about outing of bloggers and, although many worry about the stakes in academia my feeling is that there is probably more leeway there not less. If this is something that is worrying you that I would choose password protecting this blog as it currently is but I hope it doesn't have to come to that because I do think you do a service.

I'm so glad Chienne is feeling well enough to run away although I'm sure that was both frustrating and sad. Hope things feel better soon.

Anonymous said...

Katie, I have been away from blogging for several months and am trying to get back into it. Yours is one of my favorites and I'm glad to have seen you still writing when I returned to the blogging world. I know a lot of folks who password-protect and if it makes you feel more comfortable, then do it!

I do hope you have a WAY better day tomorrow!

Psych Post Doc said...

oh this is fun, although I'm sad that it's all about negative things for you. :(

my quiz answers
Extra credit: the first three

repressed librarian said...

Unfortunately, I can pretty much guess most of the answers. But I have to weigh in with my very strong opinion on A. Please, please don't password protect your blog. They stop showing up properly in the feed readers, and no matter how much I like someone or care what's going on with them, I just can't keep up manually. I've completely lost touch with every blogger I read who has gone "behind the curtain." I would be so very sad if that happened to you too. Don't do it!

microbiologist xx said...

OK. I am going to take your quiz, but I am horrible with multiple choice. It's so hard to commit to one answer.
A. 1, but I will settle for 4.
B. 4
E. 3
F. 1

extra credit - 1, but not any friend, a good friend that you trust and will listen to. :)

microbiologist xx said...

Oops. I meant 2 for the extra credit, not one. All the scrolling up and down kicked my ass. ;)

computer science without a cause said...

I suppose password protecting will show you all of the people that are regularly reading, since we would have to get passwords, and give our opinions about the situation. It will be nice to know how many of us there are, I am sure it will make you happy to see us all. However, the chance of getting additional readers like us, who stumbled upon you, will be about zero, and people that fade away from your blog will not easily be replaced, and you might get sad when there are not as many of us. It is a personal decision, and your decision.

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