Saturday, March 01, 2008

Roof. Woof.

In an uncharacteristic display of responsibility, I decided to have my roof redone. There are shingles missing and the house was built in 1995, I think. So it's about time to have the sucker ripped off and replaced. I signed a contract that said something about shingles and felt and clean-up and since there was wind damage, my insurance company is paying for all but half of my deductible. (I talked the construction guy down from the full $1000.)

Today dawned bright and sunny so I got out of bed and walked the dog so I could lock her inside with me through the day. Chienne does like to bark and would likely do so all day if she were free to go outside and stare at the team atop the house. We got home at 7:30 and I took some Advil for a moderate headache. I started to clean a little bit - for my plan is to work on the inside while others fix the outside - and when I saw people moving around out front, I quietly moved a chair in front of her dog door. (I would have used the locking mechanism, but then she would have hurt herself trying to run through it, become afraid of the dog door and I'd have a lasting problem with trying to convince her to ever go outside again.)

As soon as I moved the chair, Sprout sought refuge under a bed. Chienne, however, looked momentarily befuddled before starting to bark at random. She pranced between the living room and kitchen, woofing at her inability to reach her fenced yard.

"Look out front, genius," I finally suggested and she became as fluffy as she's capable (poor short-haired thing) while braying at the men spreading tarps over the lawn. Despite repeated assurances that she is fine and they're supposed to be there, her fur on her back stood on end and she continued to bark.

Finished with spreading the tarps, the team of people has ascended a ladder and are thumping and moving atop my home. Not having visual contact, the barking has slowed to muffled 'mmphs' interspersed with much whining. After much deliberation, she has settled on looking worried and watching out the front window. The roof guys must be magical in her mind since they are making sounds she can't quite localize (they're all over the house) and they have become invisible. Occasionally, she comes to sit by me to make sure I'm aware of the current situation.

For my part, I can look at the window at the top of my door and see someone in white shoes with black markings bending to strip shingles off the garage. He makes it look rather effortless - I imagine that takes strength and skill. There are thumping and scraping sounds, but it's not nearly as loud as I'd expected. Perhaps when they begin pounding the new roof on, I'll grow weary of the experience. In the interim, I hope to get my house cleaned and perhaps read a book.

I fear Chienne's day won't be as pleasant. Her ears are perked and her whimpers are soft, broken only by a warning woof when the noises get too loud. She now watches the chimney in the event that someone tries to invade via that route. Poor girl.


Brigindo said...

Condolences to Chienne. When Pupzilla has such a day I remind myself that she is doing her job and we all can have a tough day at work.

Amanda said...

Dixie Dog can sympathize. We have elephants for neighbors, who like to clomp up and down the stairs. However, due entirely to the Dixie Dog I'm sure, have yet to have them invade our apartment.

Wayfarer Scientista said...

yay for the roof, poor Chienne.

T said...

Poor puppy! Ovlo gets that way too, whines and worries and sometimes he huffs and puffs.

T said...
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Anonymous said...

under 1000 for a new roof?! that is some deal. and the insurance pays? i think i might have just been screwed over.

post-doc said...

She did have a tough day at work today. I'm sure she'll continue to nap excessively to make up for it in the next few days.

Chienne and I lived in an apartment while I finished grad school and my bedroom was right next to the main set of stairs. The noise didn't bother her then, but apparently we've grown spoiled in our house.


I'm charmed by the huffing and puffing - it always amuses me when she sighs at me for some reason.

There was wind damage, apparently. So the roofing guy came, told me my insurance would cover it, then the adjuster came and walked along the roof and sent me a check. So I don't know if this is standard or not, honestly. My parents are paying $5K for their new roof - it should go on in the next couple of months - so my $500 seemed delightful to me. But I hope you weren't screwed over - I just really don't know all the rules for this type of stuff.

Joy said...

Poor Chienne, what a sad picture. At least his sad day has come to an end. You were smart in regards to the door.

Here is to better day. :) Glad you have a new roof!

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