Sunday, January 06, 2008

Craving Satisfied

I recall wishing for boredom. It was likely in the stressful time before my faculty interview (still no word back and I find I'm not eager to be rejected, so I'm letting time slip by before I call to ask) and with the holidays looming on the horizon and I wished for the day when I would sigh and refresh bloglines over and over and watch TV mindlessly.

I am now bored.

I long for new blog entries. Or decent television (though Ocean's 11 was quite entertaining). Or even some work to do.

Friend made corrections on the final version of my carefully-revised blog post before I submitted it for the anthology. The first pdf looked really lovely - I'm looking forward to buying a copy and will certainly be recommending them to anyone who'll read me. I'm continuing to push buttons to process data, but am otherwise in need of something to capture my attention.

I've decided I simply don't understand the lure of facebook. It's not for me.

Nor is the evil in a bottle sold at Origins as Plantidote. It's supposed to be fantastic.

"I'm sorry." I told the girl behind the counter as I set down my bottle without its box that I'd purchased months before and only used a few times. "But this makes me red and itchy and hurts really badly. I hate it. A lot. May I please have something different?"

"I'm allergic too!" She said. "Of course we'll find something that works better." So we decided on a new moisturizer and eye cream and she gave me samples of night lotion and cream. Quite pleased that I had new products and was rid of the evil crap, I drove Friend to her lab and complained of my boredom while flipping through Nature. She finally finished and I came home to make plans to see Cousin and her family this week, then called Aunt to thank her for the gift certificate I got for Christmas. Friend and I went to Kohl's yesterday and I found the most darling black sweater with half-sleeves. It gathers just under my shoulder blades and swings out around my hips.

"Look how cute I am!" I said to Friend as we got ready for church. "Well," I qualified, "only from behind."

I prayed and sang and took communion. I've answered all my email and continued to check for more. I fixed a couple things in my talk so it's ready for my presentation next month. And I can't even come up with a reasonably good blog post because my brain has relaxed into mush from the lack of stress and intense activity. So perhaps I'll just enjoy it while it lasts.

"You didn't even mention the steak." Friend noted after reading my post. "Nor did you use the picture you so carefully took before letting me eat."

I downloaded the photo of our Saturday evening meal - steak and cheesy potatoes and wonderful salads (the bread and oranges are just for pretty - I'll eat them later) - and will note that I did feel quite satisfied with that afterward.

So between the beef and shrimp and cheese biscuits and salads with mixed nuts and roasted red peppers, I was overly full but not particularly bored. So that gives the post a bit of a better ending.


BrightStar said...

The meal looks awesome.

I have fallen out of love for facebook, other than the fluff pets application.

Anonymous said...

the lack of good tv is very sad. i am watching thing s online now b/c well, i have watched a lot of tv lately.

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