Friday, January 25, 2008

Chienne Speaks

After seeing that Disreputable and the Dixie Dog got to play, Chienne demanded her turn to share five random facts. She's bossy like that.

1. My real name does begin with a Ch- but ends with an -loe. Grandpa, not being so cultured, decided it should be pronounced Chew-low. Katie and Grandma often call me Chloebug.

2. I hide in the bathtub of the guest bathroom when I'm afraid. Katie keeps towels and blankets there for my comfort. Things that are scary include, but are not limited to, thunder, fireworks, beeping sounds from alarms or pagers, and people who hiccup. There are obviously logical reasons behind each of these fears, but I'm afraid I'm unable to disclose them at this time.

3. I sleep an awful lot. I like to be around people and prefer to share a bed or couch with someone. Unless it's very warm in the house, I should be covered up - my coat is quite thin and I don't like to be chilly! Sharing the couch with Little One is easiest of all. I don't have to curl behind her knees - she leaves plenty of room for me at one end while she takes the other.

4. I am the first of the grand-dogs. Uncle has a big ball of fluff that's named after a car. She has to stay on the floor while I get to be on the furniture. I like children in general and Katie compliments me on being so gentle and sweet with them (I'm usually too ecstatic to meet new people to display any manners). But sometimes I hit Little One with my tail and am firmly scolded. Smallest One smells funny, but my name is said warningly if I get too close. But sometimes when nobody is watching closely, I slide over and kiss her baby feet. Then she laughs. This means she likes me.

5. I love Friend very much. In fact, I'm pretty friendly and am always eager to find new friends. I also adore treats - my favorites are Alpo Snaps and it's really best if both my containers stay full at all times. The red ones are the best - I always eat them before the yellow, tan or brown Snaps. I demand a walk every morning and am happiest when we meet stray dogs so I can socialize (Katie is less pleased with them for some reason). I always want to go for rides in the car and am terribly sad when people leave me. There was obviously some confusion when Katie thought I wanted a cat and though I never did want one, I have Sprout anyway. (Katie says the same thing happened to her with Brother.) I like squeaky toys and tennis balls - especially ones that are brand new. If you happen to have something I like and aren't handing it over quickly enough, I can beg and bark at you.

Katie says that's about all you need to know. Feel free to visit! Or send Snaps!


Amanda said...

The Dixie Dog shares Chienne's love of tennis balls. She'll howl (think the hound dog in "The Fox and The Hound") at you if you don't throw it fast enough!

Estrella said...

Adorable! My 11.5 year old frog sends his greetings to Chienne. :-)

(Maybe he'll introduce himself someday before he croaks, which we've thought for years could be any time!)

Wayfarer Scientista said...

Woof!!! Thanks for playing along! It's great to meet you. I wish I was allowed on the furniture *sigh.

~The Disreputable Dog

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