Monday, May 28, 2007


I can't write anything.

I have tried and failed and tried again. It's just not happening for me today. Chienne had a big adventure yesterday - heading to Friend's then Friend's friend's house. She was very good and rather sweet, but I can't be patient enough to watch the words appear on the screen.

I wrote one abstract on Saturday and have been battling the other one since. It's a tremendously complex dataset - at least I hope it is because it's beyond me to understand it. And just when I had a decent idea, I hit a major technical glitch. I understand the cause, but I can't find the solution. So I'm going to get the files out of UsefulProgram and into DifferentProgram and try to trick UsefulProgram into reading them the way I want instead of the way it thinks is best. Dammit.

Friend arrived a couple of hours ago to avail herself of my water and garden hose to clean her car. She's been out there ever since, doing what, I can't imagine. Spray, wash, rinse, shower to remove sweat. 20 minutes tops. Perhaps she has decided to build a new car... I suppose I could look, but it's all hot out there. I'd rather not.

Instead I shall load up my USB drive (Minie, I think, with her pink ribbon) and try to fool my programs. I'm tired and crampy and am not looking forward to the remainder of this week.

Phooey and such.

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LeRoy Dissing said...

Hopefully things will cool down for you later and everything will just "come together". We can only hope!

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