Monday, March 07, 2011

Talk to me.

Lawyer: Have you even been deposed?
Katie: I have not. But I have watched multiple Law & Order reruns so I'm pretty certain to be awesome at it.
[Katie laughs.]
[Lawyer does not laugh.]
[Lawyer obviously has no sense of humor.]
[Katie clears throat, embarrassed.]


Spanish Colleague (SC): Do you like meat or fish?
Katie: Either is fine, thank you.
Katie: Oh, wait.
Katie: I don't like it when the creatures are served with their faces still on.
Katie: Last time I was in Barcelona, there were shrimp staring at me from the paella.
Katie: I did not like that.
SC: Is cod acceptable?
Katie: As long as I don't have to make eye contact with it.
Katie: Again, thanks for offering to take me to dinner in Madrid!


Adam: Yes, I've asked them. Patience, my student.
Katie: Patience is a waste of time. I have that on a t-shirt.
Adam: I believe you.
Katie: You should! Totally true.


Smallest One: Can I sit next to you in Heaven?
Aunt Katie: You can sit next to me anywhere, love.
Smallest One: Even in Heaven.
Aunt Katie: Sure, even in Heaven.
Smallest One: How long do we stay in Heaven?
Aunt Katie: I think once you get there, you're able to stay forever.
Smallest One: Can my cat come too?

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Anonymous said...

I don't like making eye contact with dead animals, either. It's horribly sad. On another note, you are hilarious and sweet.


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