Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Zone 1

Dear AirTran,


I've always held you in high regard - the way you close the doors a little early and demand people board promptly so schedules stay on track. Being the impatient sort, I enjoy your attention to timely details. You also tend to go directly to where I need to be so we fly together a lot.

I did not, however, know we were buddies! But when I printed my boarding pass on Sunday, I noticed you were letting me board first. I love boarding first! I get to put my bag and coat in the overhead bins and get settled in my seat! Plus, you chose a seat for me on the aisle and left the middle seat open. I am filled with love, affection and gratitude to your airline and all it represents.

Oodles of love,

Dear Colleague,

I know Chienne is not the easiest of pets to handle. She jumps and kisses and is very cuddly while you're trying to sleep. But when I called and you sounded happy? It almost made me weepy. You giggled and chattered and said everything was fine in my house I didn't properly clean before heading east.

I know you've had rough times of late and I also know you've always said to call if I need anything. But given your reaction to this last-minute imposition that had me feeling guilty? I'm thinking of asking if you want to have sleep-overs sometimes. To keep you from being sad during the divorce and to keep me from sinking into this lurking depression. And I feel so lovely knowing that Chienne is happy and has company in the evenings. Thank you.


Dear Hotel Chains,

When I try to check in before noon and you have a room ready? I would give you hugs and kisses except that I need to freshen up after traveling. But given that you let me hang up clothes and wash my face and hands and repair hair and make-up before meetings? I would give you clean and pretty hugs and kisses.

Tell your friends!



Dudes. The lines. The lack of employees. I ended up having to leave and take a cab in order to make my meeting because I'd not moved at all in 30 minutes.

Streamline! Efficiency! Come on!

Talk to AirTran, Marriott or Hilton. They put you to shame.

Impatient sighs and frustrated flipping of hair -

Notes to Self -
  • Don't forget where you parked your car. Remember how stupid I feel when I wander the parking deck?
  • I know I'm struggling with the urge to withdraw. Depression is lurking. But I'm doing so well with making my trips and going to meetings and interacting with people! It's excruciating at times so good for me. Go, fight, win.
  • If I need more motivation for the going, fighting and winning, I have time on Thursday morning to sleep in.
  • Actually, go ahead and block the calendar for that just in case.
  • Getting closure does not necessarily require external input. Create closure for myself if I need it that badly.
  • Is $100 in gift cards too much for 2 nights with the dog? Probably. Do it anyway.
  • Try to sleep. 4AM is early for waking up. And you have dinner plans tomorrow night.

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