Sunday, January 16, 2011


In response to recent comments...

Flora & Fauna
ScienceGeeka - My house makes me happy in general, but I do enjoy my plants a great deal. I've had most of them since grad school - some from undergrad - and try hard to remember to water them each weekend.

I am rather good at tending things - I like rhythm and routine and plants (and animals and some people) feel the same. So it works out - I water and feed; They grow and look happily out the windows.

Yappy Dogs
Seeking Solace - Aw. Thank you for offering to whap my commenter on the nose. But I'm fine.

I think of this particular individual as I do the tiny canines who live in the townhouses down the street. With far more energy than ways to expend it usefully, they stand at their windows and bark their little heads off when anyone dares wander by. Anonymous commenter is harmless but if something bothersome is said, I delete it. But - for the most part - ignoring him will leave him to chase his tail.

Falling Down
Amelie & Anthea - The shoes are a lost cause. (But so pretty!) I did try to stumble around my house, arms fully extended to my sides and taking teeny-tiny steps to attempt stability. I just can't do it.

Little One did try on the red dress while playing dress up in my closet. Each visit yields one of these fashion shows and reminds me I do have some nice clothes - those I wear, and those I just admire when I'm by myself.

Birthday Wishes
Alice - Thank you! I too hope my wishes come true. I shall keep you posted. The family weekend has ended and left me time for a selfish Sunday afternoon.

Voice of Reason
Soon-to-be - You could be right about the read-rather-than-write boys. I suppose some concern over whether I'll speak of them is understandable. I suppose I rationalize the situation by thinking that my audience is fairly small and I'm mostly protected by my pseudonym. And only the men in question would know if I was referring to them or if I exaggerated or outright lied.

But... if you were to date me and you read this beforehand, you'd know I was quirky. And if anyone requested I not mention him, I would pout but try to adhere to those wishes. (I like writing about people - people are fun and I like to remember specific interactions.) But mostly I just like email and despise being ignored. I'm getting over it though - it seems like a smaller and smaller deal as time goes by.

Next Steps
Many thanks to your encouragement re: Paris. I have a meeting with the man who currently has the job next week to discuss roles and responsibilities and pros and cons. I've not mentioned it to my parents - they'd worry. But I'm mulling. And eager to do the trip to meet the teams and job shadow a bit. And wander Paris. And think about love and life and happiness and wishes.

But the process, if the past is prologue, will be very slow. But I like the idea - of dreaming of possibilities without the pressure of actually deciding whether or not to go. So...maybe.


An Oldie said...

Happy belated birthday dear. Wishing you great happiness, a joy that never ends.

Amelie said...

Belated happy birthday, Katie!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Katie, if I was a boy, I'd date you, regardless of the blog or your lovable quirks. : )

Paris sounds like it will be fun, whether or not you decide to switch over there. Looking forward to beautiful photos! Again, happy birthday!


post-doc said...

Oldie - Despite having talked about it for days and weeks, it's not yet my birthday. It's tomorrow (the 18th). But thank you for the wishes! I am keeping them despite their earliness.

Amelie - Thank you!

Anon - Nice dog. Jush shhh, sweetheart.

Soon-to-be - That's so nice! Thank you! :)

Anthea said...

Oh no about the shoes being a lost cause. :( Why can't you spend time practising how to walk in them? It would be worth the hard work I figure.

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