Wednesday, August 04, 2010


Returning from a dinner with customers, I sighed with contented exhaustion and walked toward my car. The setting sun reflected off the layer of clouds overhead, turning parts of the purple puffs orange. I stopped at the light, wishing I could rest my head on the steering wheel and just stare at the sky.

I ended up in a long line at the single stop sign that separates my home from my work, sleepily applying my brakes and settling in to wait my turn. The line moved excruciatingly slowly and I began to wonder why as I was unable to see the actual stop sign, located as it was at the bottom of the other side of the hill before me. So I began to sing.

"The bear went over the mountain,
the bear went over the mountain,
the bear went over the mountain
to see what he could see.
He saw another mountain,
he saw another mountain,
he saw another mountain
so what do you think he did?
The bear went over the mountain..."
It turns out those are the wrong lyrics, but that's how I roll. I continued to sing, perking up as I repeated the same words over and over and over again, creeping forward as I watched the people in front of me begin to turn around.

I frowned as I tried to figure it out, wondering if the road ahead was closed and considering turning around myself. I tried to decide if the pace of forward motion paired exactly with where we'd go only if there were cars getting out of line. I was rather consumed with the bear song I continued to sing though, so I decided I'd wait in line until I got to the top of the hill.

You know, to see what I could see.

I made my way home without further difficulty, realizing the construction on the parallel path was diverting traffic to my typical route and slowing my progress. I was largely calm about the whole thing which surprised me a bit, not being a fan of delays in general.

I realized I'm happy.

I like my life of late - I have enough money and time to enjoy it. I'm looking forward to going home this weekend - spending time with the elder and younger generations in my family. I finished off a ton of items that had long lingered on my list of things to do at work. I had lunch with people I enjoyed again today and slept surprisingly well this week. There are pretty flowers and chances to talk to men with whom I'm mildly infatuated. I had a chance to flirt on the phone with a colleague this morning and finished the day browsing hotels in Japan and Korea for later this year.

There's nothing overly exciting - just going over the standard mountains - but it seems the peaks are a bit higher and the valleys less low. I'm planning to enjoy it while it lasts.

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