Thursday, May 13, 2010

Delightfully Debonair

I paused, trying to think of a suitable word for him. I let the conversation drift around me, paying enough attention that I could contribute if called to do so, and leaned a bit closer to the object of my current interest, thinking him beyond lovely.

Debonair, I decided suddenly, grinning with pride when I realized the fit perfect and causing his lips to curve in response when he looked in my direction. I shook my head when he lifted an eyebrow in elegant inquiry and his gaze held mine steady for another moment before he returned his attention to the meeting that occurred around us. I offered remarks when necessary, more often finding myself admiring his long fingers and heavy cuff links.

"I should have worn a tie," he noted, extending a hand to help me from my chair when the group dispersed, leaving only me to linger near him.

"You're perfect," I breathed before I could think better of it, blushing a far deeper color than the pale pink shirt he wore under a gray suit. He thanked me, calling me darling as is his habit, and treated the whole exchange casually. I decided people around him routinely practice admiration and contented myself, for a while at least, to being one of an adoring crowd.

"There's loverboy now," Adam teased last night. I would have regretted my tipsy confession of infatuation were it not so glaringly obvious otherwise. Normally sweet and friendly, I found myself unable to resist falling all over myself in front of this particular man.

"Hi," I beamed as he crossed the room to greet the group around me. Adam echoed my greeting in a high but soft falsetto, leaving me to nudge him aside so I could drift closer to our newcomer with all the subtlety of a bulldozer.

"Hello, darling," he replied to my greeting gallantly and I tilted my face up to receive a kiss on my cheek. I tucked my hand through his arm, thinking I should be embarrassed about my uninhibited displays of affection in front of colleagues. I abandoned the group without a second thought to follow my companion to a table, sitting too close to him even as he tilted his head toward me to converse.

He was irresistible, I decided. The way he put words together, the subtle scent of his skin, the way his hands moved to emphasize certain statements - a wave for disdain, an upward facing palm when he asked an insightful question. It was with no small amount of disappointment that I interrupted him a bit later, placing fingers that are neither elegant nor expressive on the sleeve of his expensive jacket to tell him my bosses were waiting for him across the room.

"Until later, then," he offered, patting my fingers soothingly. I smiled bravely as he moved smoothly away.

"I love him," I sighed to Adam when he took the seat a moment later and grinned as he laughed at me. "It's ridiculous," I said, spell fading as the distance increased though I continued to watch him as he crossed the room. "But I feel the need to make an absolute fool of myself around him."

"I noticed," he teased and I giggled.

"I don't even care," I said with a shake of my head, hair arranged in careful curls since I'd primped shamelessly before the meeting. "I want to sit too close and flutter my eyelashes - I'm even wearing mascara," I turned to face him more fully so he could see, grinning when he rolled his eyes. "I want to tell him he's brilliant and funny, has excellent taste in clothes and a perfect haircut."

"Good Lord," Adam interrupted.

"I know," I said. "But do you see how pretty he is? How debonair?"

"Not my type," he replied easily. "But I could get you a napkin if you're going to drool."

I remembered that statement as the evening drew to a close, making my way through the crowd of women three deep on each side so I could say goodbye, wondering if we should have handed out bibs since there was a widespread desire to just eat him up.

"I wanted to say good night," I offered, grateful for the hand he placed on my arm when I stumbled (pretended to stumble - whatever) a bit and moved closer. "I have an early morning so I should be going."

"Always wonderful to see you," he smiled, pulling me closer and I shamelessly slid my arm around his waist and pressed against him.

"You're popular," I teased, watching him dip his head a bit and shrug helplessly at the crowd of females clustered around him. "Everyone who meets you tells me how wonderful you are - which I obviously know. I'm going to have find another favorite if your throng of admirers keeps growing."

"Don't you dare, darling," he replied immediately, tightening the arm he hand around me. Alliteration, I thought, wondering if it would be overkill to swoon. Just before I swore a solemn oath to cherish the very thought of him until my dying breath, forsaking all gestures of dignity, I smiled and stood on tiptoe to brush a kiss across his cheek before walking dreamily into the evening.

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ooh, that sounds exciting! Your description is lovely as always. I especially enjoyed the subtlety of a bulldozer.

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