Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Much as I anticipated the trip, I rather expected some level of disappointment. After my New York experience, there was a general chance that I would be left unmoved by another great east coast city. Yet I found myself infatuated on the cab ride to the hotel and have grown increasingly affectionate toward a very walkable, approachable and lovely location.

It could have been the weather - while New York City was drenched in rain that made my walk cold and uncomfortable, followed by a delayed flight and miserable migraine, Boston proved warm and sunny with accommodatingly cool breezes that made lengthy walks a pleasure. The comparison was further confounded by a leisurely trip this time - several nights in a lovely hotel and rather gentle class schedule - versus the intense in @ morning, out @ night day we forced in New York.

I found the city to be unselfconsciously patriotic, but in the way that celebrated the past and recognized the problems. There seemed, at least in the parts of Boston where I spent time, to be a sense of quiet intellect and social awareness that was present but not aggressive. Bookshops were easy to find and busy without being crowded. Even the thickest accents struck me as charming and despite the many pockets of floral blooms that I admired, the city seemed filled old trees, creating a genteel green backdrop for the buildings old and new.
"You didn't tell me I had crumbs all over me," the vendor accused and I returned his smile as he brushed at his shirt. "I got a hot dog earlier," he offered, "but then I was busy and didn't have time to eat all of it. I was gonna throw it out but then I thought of all the people who don't have enough and felt too guilty not to finish it. But it had gotten all crusty from sitting out so I crunched up the bun in the wrapper and the outside fell off."

I nodded, dropping my change into his tip bucket.

"It was delicious," he told me. "I should do it again - it was so good."

"You do good things," I quoted from television, "and good things happen to you."

So while I look forward to going home - as I always do - it's been a very good trip. If you've not been before, I highly recommend a visit - the people and places are delightful and the seafood chowders and bisques are fabulous bonuses.

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