Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Bellinis, Baby.

Katie could be, in the strictest sense, a nickname.  I have, however, always used it exclusively, my oblivion to the use of my legal name simply due to the fact that it's nobody uses it.  Apart from that, I'm not generally graced with pet names.  Conversely, I use them a lot - my general affection for people expressing itself in kiddos, sweethearts and dearests.  

He calls me baby, something I don't believe anyone has done before, just before we embrace and make kissing noises.  Though we interact rarely, I've always been fond on this particular colleague, smiling broadly when I saw his name on the attendee list.  We met a group for dinner last night, I being the only female (which isn't all that unusual), and he curled up next to me on the sofa along one side of our table while we discussed mixed drinks and watched our companions sip manly martinis.  

I leaned against him as we looked around, poking his arm approvingly and grinning when he told me he worked out.  I giggled at stories, unconcerned about not knowing all the inside jokes.  Instead, I enjoyed being a temporary member of a long-established group of guys who obviously found each other hilarious.  

Already tipsy, I tucked my hand through his elbow as we navigated the bumpy sidewalks to our dinner destination, commenting that the rain was so pretty and hoping they offered us bread immediately so my head would stop spinning.   There was bread - with butter! - and I happily began drinking again, my bellini not as bubbly as I liked but otherwise peachy.  We laughed until my stomach hurt and I controlled my sympathy as lobsters were delivered around my stuffed shrimp, not patting the claws sadly as I wished to do. 

"I'm done for tonight," I offered as they decided which bar to visit next and we ended the evening with hugs and handshakes (one of us was more conservative than the rest, which I don't mind at all though it's easier to make me love you if we hug).  Not offering to walk me back to the hotel (which I would have declined, but still), they set off in the opposite direction.  

"Bye, baby," he called and I turned to smile and wave before placing my feet carefully again and moving toward my room.  I'm battling a headache in addition to congestion this rainy morning, but I'm counting it well worthwhile.

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