Thursday, June 11, 2009


“This day sucks,” I announced, dropping into a chair in a conference room with as my team gathered. “Suckity suck, suck, sucks.” Nods of agreement were offered in response and I opened my laptop and began to discuss an upcoming presentation. After we finished, I offered to send notes and a new formats for our slides and glanced around when nobody left.

“I’m done now,” I finally said, wondering why that hadn’t been obvious.

“What was wrong with your day?” PrettyHair asked. I paused, thinking through any number of problems before settling on the most upsetting.

“I was scolded,” I replied glumly. “Something wasn’t ready for a customer – even through it’s always been ready in the past – and the right people weren’t in the building to fix it and I was told – with a shaking finger and everything! – that I should have had that done. But I shouldn’t! I don’t think that’s in my realm of screwing up! So I’m sad.”

“Someone told me I didn’t know what I was talking about,” Sibling offered after my moment of sympathetic looks and pats. We turned our pity her direction before allowing TinyFriend to take her turn.

“It got better,” I said thoughtfully after swallowing a bite of pistachio gelato. “The day,” I clarified when TinyFriend and Sibling turned to look at me. They nodded, returning to their after-dinner treats. I tucked my feet under the bench where we sat, all of us watching the river rush before us. We’d stopped for drinks and tapas before fetching dessert, settling in a park by the water and watching random people wander across quaint bridges and pause to watch the setting sun.

I glanced past where TinyFriend was shivering in the cool evening air and smiled at Sibling. We’ve been having issues of late, both of us growing in our roles and seeking additional power. Due to drastic differences in viewing problems, we produce exceptionally good results but require a bit of arguing to get there. Travel schedules and snippy comments have left us at odds and I finally felt those squabbles had been smoothed over after our evening out.

I came home to a happy puppy and hungry kitten, cuddling one before putting in her drops and scooping food into the other’s empty bowl. I snuggled into pajamas and felt quite good about leaving my laptop in the car. I did have a few sucky moments today, but the day wasn’t all bad.

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