Wednesday, June 10, 2009


"Thirty-four," he said, looking at me with sincere regret. I nodded and he apologized again.

"No," I finally said. Chienne's eye doctor had numbed her eyes after examining them and measured the pressure.

"Too high," he mumbled after looking at the measurement on the blind eye. Shaking the instrument, he pressed buttons on its side and offered that he'd recalibrate while I looked at the tech with worried eyes.

"You're a good girl," I told my dog, cuddling her as she leaned against me from her perch on the table. "Such a good girl," I murmured again as the doctor pressed the monitor against her eye.

"You warned me," I said once Chienne was on the ground again. "The injections sometimes don't work. I, um," I paused, blinked and swallowed. "I don't want you to take her eye," I whispered. "I'm sorry," I said as I took the tissue the tech offered. "I just needed more drops and expected that everything would be fine when you checked. I wasn't ready."

It appears I should brace myself. I brought the puppy home with instructions for a more intensive drop regimine. We scheduled another surgery for one more injection. We do not believe she is miserable though she's likely mildly uncomfortable.

I, conversely, am seriously sad.


Anonymous said...

If yours is anything like my dog, she is happiest when she a, hears my (husband's) voice, and b, smelling something.

Neither of these things she needs to see for. She might get her sight back, but it's the tail you should look at: she loves you no matter what.

post-doc said...

Excellent comment, Geeka. Thank you. And it's the blind eye that's high in pressure - she still can see out of her good eye. We think she has another year or two before going completely blind, but - given the way things are going - I'm going to brace myself for it happening sooner.

She is a happy girl. And Sprout's a happy - if superior - guy. So we'll be OK.

JaneB said...

It's amazing what animals adapt to. A colleague has a blind, three-legged terrier which is the busiest, happiest-seeming little dog I've seen in years - devoted, bustling - and still chases toys as long as they are rolled along a hard floor so they make a noise. But it's so hard when animals are sick - hugs

Dr. Brazen Hussy said...

I'm sorry to hear this, but it's true - dogs can get by very well without eyesight. You're doing a great job of taking care of her, don't feel bad.

Amanda@Lady Scientist said...

I'm sorry to hear about Chienne. I agree with everyone else that dogs can adapt to most anything. And I'm sure that as long as she has her favorite person, she'll be most happy!

Seeking Solace said...

Dogs are very resilient. As long as she with her people, she will be happy.

As far as "bracing yourself" you will know when it is time. She will 'tell" you.

Arbitrista said...

Wow, that's really hard.

rpg said...

Ouch, that's really rough. Sorry to hear it.

On the other hand, that's a lovely photo.

Anonymous said...

you are taking care of her and that's all that matters. she looks happy.

our dog was blind the last three years of her life, and even as an old dog, she was still as full of life and happy as ever.

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