Thursday, June 04, 2009

Happy, happy

Already curled in her chair, eyes closed and paws tucked in neatly, I smiled at my puppy and called her name. She opened her eyes without lifting her head, regarding me with a sleepy curiosity.

"Would you like to go for a walk?" I asked her softly, smiling as her head lifted and ears perked. "Let's go," I chirped, rising from the couch to find my shoes and turning to see her stretch, tail beginning to wag. Setting off from the front porch, I trailed behind Chienne while she began to alternately trot and sniff. She pulled me toward the path through the forest and I happily followed behind her.

We returned home slightly winded - whether from the brisk walk or excessive sneezing, I wasn't sure. I coaxed the dog into the bathtub, smiling as she raised each paw daintily so I could wash her toes and, hopefully, relieve some of the allergic reactions. I kissed her head as I dried her off, finally patting her on the back and telling her to stay off the beds until her coat dried.

Other Smiley Occurrences
My bloodwork results arrived the the mail I fetched at the end of my walk. All is normal. I can proceed with my 'do nothing' plan for the fibroid. (I'm not altogether pleased with this plan, but I don't want someone inside me just to look around.)

My calendar - a present for my birthday - reminded me to send Friend's present. One part arrived today and it is Beyond Awesome. I totally want to keep it myself which is, I think, how one judges a good gift.

I had a burrito for dinner. How I heart guacamole.

A test I ran today passed. While a mere formality, I was nonetheless pleased that it went well.

I stopped in a crowded classroom and disrupted the whole schedule so I could speak at my convenience. It made me feel ever-so-knowledgeable and important.

Two men told me I have a beautiful smile. I call that consensus and declare that I do, in fact, have a beautiful smile.

My hair, newly cut in a style that swings above my shoulders, is downright adorable. With a bit of lipgloss and new haircut, I can stumbled toward the bathroom in the middle of the night, glance in the mirror while washing my hands and think, "Hello, pretty!"

I'm home! And I've been home for 2 weeks! And I don't travel for another 2 weeks! Goodness, but I love being in my house. In my bed. With my stuff. And writing blog posts.

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Amanda@Lady Scientist said...

You sound so happy! I'm so glad that things sound to be getting better for you.

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