Sunday, February 15, 2009


"Why," he asked as he entered my office - the only one in the building that wasn't dark and quiet, "are we working on Sunday?"

"Because," I replied, glancing up from my monitor to grin at him as he dragged a chair closer to mine and thinking we'd been out of town at opposite times for about a month now, "we suck and can't accomplish everything necessary during the week?"

He returned my smile, opened his laptop and we began going through documents and making additional lists.


"Crap," I sighed and began to type an immediate response to email. "VP read my report and passed it along to the other managers for immediate handling. If he keeps listening to me all the time, I'm going to become a target."

I glanced at my mother, herself a product of 35 years of corporate life and waited for her to argue. To say that it was good to be singled out and valued by upper management. She nodded instead. And I resolved to be a bit lower profile. Freaking high visibility role and ego that makes me enjoy attention.


"Do you work every day?" Dad asked as I replied in increasingly snippy words when he asked questions as I tried to revise a document.

"Yes," I offered simply, frowning over word choices.

"I'm glad I didn't go to college," he decided and I paused to smile at him before returning to my page of text.


"Uh oh," Smallest One said when she dropped Tigger from the edge of the bathtub.

"That's OK," I smiled at her, picking up the orange plastic toy and placing it in her chubby palm. She toddled closer to the edge of the tub again, watching her big sister finish with her turn before the water was drained and started again for the second bath of the night.

I carefully detangled Little Ones hair - it's past her waist when straight - while Mom lathered and rinsed the baby. We got them cuddled in soft pajamas and under fluffy covers, each watching SpongeBob. I smoothed Little One's blanket over her shoulders and sighed.

"I have a conference call at 10:30 tonight," I told Mom of my last conversation of the day. "Don't let me forget."


Psych Post Doc said...

LOL @ your Dad. Glad you got some time to spend with your nieces.

What happens if you ever take a vacation? I'm assuming with the high profile position and good salary, comes an abundance of vacation time? I hope you'll make good use of it Katie.

Anonymous said...

wow, you do seem insanely busy, hang in there :o)

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