Saturday, February 07, 2009

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Thank you for visiting. I will be traveling on business for the next two weeks. This is good news because I'm nearing the breaking point in the home office. So the time to travel and meet new people and hear novel ideas is very welcome.

As with all trips that require plane travel (and I'm not willing to drive to either coast, frankly), I will only have my work PC. So blogging may or may not happen, depending on how brave I feel and if I can stay awake long enough to write anything.

My parents have arrived to puppy-sit and give Chienne her twice daily doses of drops and pills. The vet said she's doing beautifully but will require continued treatment. She was thrilled to see them and I doubt she'll miss me much at all. And I'll return to a clean house and food in the kitchen - it's good for everyone.


DocElectron said...

Yay... for you and Chienne!

It's always nice when the puppies are cared for and you still get to come home to a clean house and food.

Citronella said...

Chienne will be delighted to be taken care of by your parents. Have a nice trip!

Anonymous said...

I miss you, as I am sure Chienne does!

Anonymous said...

Oh, that last comment was by me, "soon-to-be."

: )

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