Sunday, December 16, 2007

Post-interview Relaxation

Carrie and I shopped yesterday, partaking of quaint boutiques in a bustling, little town. We wandered through one shop about an hour into our trip, still carrying our coffee cups and sipping mochas as we browsed.

"I like the milk one." I decided, wrinkling my nose after sniffing soap with a tar-like scent. The white bar I favored was rich and creamy and I selected a small bar wrapped in white paper that was perched atop a huge block of soap from which bars were cut to order. Carrie chose a a green bar that smelled of the ocean and a lavender soap as well. As we wandered the rest of the small shop, I found myself by the bath fizzies. Staring at the large balls in soft colors, I picked one up, hearing the plastic package crinkle and brushing aside the white ribbon that held the plastic closed to read that the pink ball smelled of roses. I kept it in my hand, selected a smaller white fizzie as well then went to complete my purchase, smiling when my three items were tucked in a white bag and finished off with green tissue paper. We found other items - a Christmas decoration for Carrie, some small watercolors by a local artist for me, lip scrub for Carrie, pretty file folders and a lovely memo-mousepad for me.

Today found us doing more location-specific touristy activities, which were wonderful as they were exhausting. I dropped her off at the airport with a lengthy and tight hug and came home, achy and exhausted and a little sad. I'm not overly hopeful about the faculty job. I like having friends around and miss the company when they're gone. I believe I'm starting with a cold - the requisite sore throat and stuffy nose - and it's making me a bit cranky and more tired than normal.

I noticed the inviting white bag upon arriving home and greeting my happy dog. I flopped on the loveseat and called home to touch base. Perhaps, I thought as I remembered Brazen Hussy's post, I could take a bath. I'm not really a bath person, but perhaps if I tried very hard, it would be relaxing and lovely. So I went to the master bath - it holds the garden tub - and turned on the closet light. It illuminated the room in a soft glow as it is located at the far end of my lengthy bathroom. I waited until the water from the tap ran hot, then closed the drain and waited for the tub to fill. I put my new bar of soap and both bath fizzies on the edge of the tub and sat down on the floor, feeling myself grow sleepy as the water ran. When I felt it was reasonably full, I stepped in and hissed a bit at the heat. I finally settled myself in the water and glanced over to find the dog and cat regarding me with some confusion. I shrugged at them and untied the white ribbon from its pretty bow and dropped in the pink ball.

Sprout's ears perked when he heard the sound it made and Chienne turned and went outside. I closed my eyes - exhaustion helped - and relaxed. I waved my hand through the water and noticed it felt silky. I made a face of approval, but kept my eyes closed as I relaxed. I have taken a single bath since moving here and it was so I could do a perfect job on shaving my legs. But this was to relax and I spent long moments enjoying the heat and water and smell. Then I blinked my eyes open to see the dog had returned, joining the cat by the tub to continue staring at me in confusion.

"It is rather nice." I told them. "I like the smell and I'm all warm."

But adjusting into baths isn't an overnight thing. So I got out, fetched my razor and a pumice stone. I flipped on the lights nearest the bathtub and smiled with pleasure at the pale pink water. It was pretty and I happily climbed back in and settled into the silky texture. But I did a good job shaving my legs and scrubbed at the skin on my heels that was dry and dead. Then I got out of the tub and put on lotion that Carrie brought me for my month-away birthday.

I do feel better - relaxed and mellow and very sleepy. I smell of bath fizzie and milk soap (which was rich and creamy and wonderful) and the special foot and hand creams I have. Chienne is asleep behind my knees. Sprout, I think, continues to explore the bathroom in an attempt to understand why the tub that sometimes houses cat playtime became filled with water. I plan to remove my contacts, finish the cookie I bought today and sleep.

I hope you're all feeling as relaxed (if a bit more awake and aware) as I am.


Anonymous said...

yay for the relaxation and bath :o)

Estrella said...

Yay for pampering yourself! Baths are wonderfully therapeutic.

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