Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Oh, crap.

  • Feeling sick. Headache, stomachache, feeling twitchy with nerves.
  • I needed three things from CVS. When I couldn't remember the third, I bought chocolate instead.
    • Chocolate - though nice - was not the third thing I needed.
  • The house is clean.
    • Well, basically clean.
    • I love my new vacuum. My carpet looks delightfully clean!
  • $220 later, the car is fixed.
  • My bags are packed.
    • Why is it that I can find a deck of cards I bought years ago in Vegas, my girl scout sash and my tooth fairy pillow, and have no idea where any number of glasses cases are?
    • Chienne brought a squeaky toy in the room as I was tossing things in the suitcase. She placed the toy in the bag. I felt awful since I'm not taking her with me, gave her kisses and tossed the ball down the hall. She chased it down and returned to replace it in the suitcase. It's as if she's telling me she'd like to take that toy on her upcoming trip. Guilt overwhelms me.
  • Mom has another knee manipulation scheduled for Thursday.
    • More guilt overwhelms me here. I want to be there.
    • She's doing the procedure as an outpatient this time.
    • Her surgeon has never performed 2 manipulations on one person. Hell.
    • Dad will be with her.
  • It's just a full day of meetings on Thursday - I'll have every meal with people who want to ask me questions.
  • My talk is on Friday. I still have 2 slides to finish, but I'm otherwise very pleased with how it flows and looks.
    • I still need to practice a bit.
  • I think I can sleep tonight - my eyelids feel heavy as I type. I hope the same holds true for tomorrow night.
  • The hotel has free wireless (so says their website) so I'll certainly find energy to let you know how things are going.
  • In the meantime, I hope you're all happy, healthy and guilt-free.


CharlieAmra said...

Hang in there. Try to get some sleep, eat some chocolate and relax.

la rebelde said...

get some good rest and good luck!

Rebecca said...

Everyone needs chocolate. Sometimes you need 3 OTHER things, but everyone always needs chocolate.

Try to get some rest!

Dr. Brazen Hussy said...

Good luck!!

Feistie said...

Good Luck!!! All the best to you :)

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