Friday, November 30, 2007

Well, hell.

I have been doing very well lately. I like my job! I feel productive! I've been writing and analyzing and taking on new projects! I scoff at my former bipolar work habits - I have figured out a level of productivity that is very high yet sustainable!

Except not so much. The motivation is gone and in its place is a complete lack of interest in work.

I could work on Happily Revising Paper. But I don't want to. I could make a figure for Problematic Paper. Rewrite and refocus it since I know how I want it to go. But, no. I could write more on the IRB forms I started for Marlie's project. But I don't really care. I could do more reading to figure out this technical problem since Maria isn't answering email anymore. But it seems too hard. I need to make notes on that fellowship application since Boss agreed to sit down with me next week to work on it. But I'm tempted to just write down his comments and submit them - they'll certainly be better than mine. I should write my interview talk since that event creeps closer every day. But I'd rather mindlessly watch TV or sleep.

This frustrates me. I have Photoshop open in the office. I have various word documents open next to a number of papers that describe relevant research to any one of those projects. But I don't want to deal with any of it. I hate that as much as I wanted to work - craved productivity - I'm now just as intense about not wanting to work.



Psycgirl said...

My new philosophy when this happens is to just go with it and take a break. Motivation always comes and goes, and losing it hasn't ruined my career so far (that I know of...) I'm sure it will come back soon enough :)

Anonymous said...

yes, take a break... its the weekend yah?

Jane said...

oh, I totally understand where you are coming from. I agree with psychgirl and justme, give yourself a mini-break.

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