Tuesday, November 13, 2007

700 posts. 2 years. Comments?

I vividly remember turning right onto the street that enters my neighborhood two years ago. As I rounded the corner, I wondered what the hell I was doing with my life. I did the same thing earlier this afternoon. Same corner. Same thought. It struck me as rather sad even as I shook my head and smiled at myself.

There are inescapable trends that emerge when one reads this blog for very long. I mentioned to Charlie some time ago that I didn't mind him not reading much anymore. "You've heard it all before." I noted. "I seem to just cycle through the same situations and stories and if I do make progress, it seems to be in a non-ideal direction." Then I sighed - I sigh a lot. Even my dog has picked up the habit.

I enjoy writing here. I think it's good practice to articulate thoughts and my growth in this postdoctoral experience has undoubtedly been in my writing. My introductions have become concise. My results sections contain results and discussion discussions. It's delightful. I wrote a book of iffy quality and am at 35,000 words of another I like a great deal. I've made online friends I adore. I've become fond of certain cities that appear frequently in my site stats. I've learned to read people I would never know otherwise and become emotionally invested in their lives, even if I never leave a comment.

I rarely do memes, though I've nothing against them. I also have never done a delurking post - probably because I've faithfully lurked on several blogs myself and am rather protective of those who don't feel like saying hello. But I spent the day writing another paper and slowly working my way through some analysis. So I haven't seen anyone at all - my only contact with the outside world has been through the computer.

If it's not too much trouble, I would like comments today. Ask a question, say hello, offer sympathy on my life of late. That would please me greatly.

I thought about doing some sort of prizes since I didn't participate in the gift exchange offer that moved around awhile ago for some reason I can't recall. Then as I was searching under beds for my stripey Sprout, I realized I needed to unload some of those romance novels I collected for years. If you'd like one from my collection, I'll pick a good one, note why I liked it and send it to you. (Seriously - you'd be helping me out. I have something like 6 huge containers under beds. It's ridiculous.) Email (minorrevisionsblog at gmail dot com) with a mailing address will get you one! Or two! Or however many I can stuff into a padded envelope! I'm even happy to mail them internationally (Hello, readers from Europe and a couple from Asia!).

Thank you for reading. Perhaps eventually I'll give you something new and different.


BrightStar said...

Hi. I read from bloglines. Just because I don't comment doesn't mean I'm not thinking about you. Hugs to you.

Cee said...

Hello there :-) I like those trends that emerge over years of blogging - they're interesting. A question for you, which I imagine you've probably written about before - tell me why you enjoy reading romance. It's a genre that's never particularly appealed to me, and I'm presently reading a really awful example of fantasy/romance, so I'm curious. Are there particular types of romance you enjoy more than others? Do you ever read any fantasy/paranormal romance?

post-doc said...

Hugs to you too. (I read you from bloglines too.)

Hi! I don't know that I have addressed that. I started reading romance novels in junior high which increases my tolerance, I'm sure. I like contemporary romance novels by a few specific authors. Lucy Monroe is quite good, for example.

I can't do paranormal romances as a rule, though I have read a few. But, in general, I'm always ready to listen to a love story and make a habit of asking people how they met their spouses. I like happy endings and quick reads and romance novels do well to meet those criteria. But I definitely know they're not for everyone. :)

EthidiumBromide said...

Just dropping by to say hello. :)

zelda said...

hey there! I don't comment a lot (ever?) but I lurk!

flossie said...

Hello. I sigh a lot too :)

phd me said...

You, my dear, are exceptionally cool. What a fun way to get rid of books (if I can ever do such a thing, I'll remember this). I'm not much of a romance reader, probably because I don't much believe in happy endings, but maybe I need a refresher.

By the way, like B* said, just because I don't comment doesn't mean I'm not thinking about you. Usually because we follow so many of the same thought patterns.

Jane said...

Just popping over to say hi!

Baby Jane is a big sigh-er, too. You two have something in common! :)

doc-in-training said...

Hello Katie! Thanks for leaving the message for my latest post.

I read from google reader.

I am not a fan of romance either. More of a non-fiction kind of person, but you might be able to convince me otherwise. Would you mind if I send you a little something for Christmas too? I'll be sending something to ScienceWoman (since she owes me a gift) ;)

post-doc said...

So many people that I read! I'm thrilled with the comments and moved you've stuck around for so long.

Hi there!

I lurk for you too. :)

We could have contests with Baby Jane.

Exactly why I don't need my books anymore. So many of them just seem silly now - sad, isn't it? But I think you're exceptionally cool and couldn't be more pleased with all your triumphs of late. You're doing so well!

Hi! I'm flattered that I have something in common with Baby Jane.

Does that mean you'll take a book?! I'll send you email! :)

Dr. Brazen Hussy said...

Hi! I'm a bloglines reader too. Your writing is lovely. Sorry that things have been hard lately.

Guy said...

Hi Katie.

Your writing is beautiful and poignant, so it is no wonder that I find reading the whir and click of your inner workings laid out here as compelling as others. That you are much loved is obvious. There’s an arresting honesty in your word and unabashed revelation of self that simply isn’t common to find.

The Great Fear is that it is only us that contend with thoughts such as our own. Reassurance that others contend with similar is normally something to be found only with those with whom we are intimately acquainted. The giving of yourself in this manner for any and all who drift by is remarkably generous.

I thought I should comment at least once upon your Web log, since you were calling people out.

- Guy

Anonymous said...

hi katie, lots of hugs your way today. i am so glad you blog and love reading you.

STM said...

Hey there...my previous attempt to post was gobbled by the blogger-monster.

I'll shorten it to say...long time poster...then long time lurker...but always enjoy the read.


Anonymous said...

Hi there! I still read most days from bloglines - even if I don't comment or update my own blog often.


la rebelde said...

hiya. i read your blog from time to time. i'm not sure why i hadn't added you to my bloglines long before i did! i think it's okay to have repeating trends--that's what living is about. and anyway, new ideas, new theories about life, about the world come up by recasting the same idea in different ways. that's how i justify my repetition! ;) no but really, i actually believe that.

Jokerine said...

I read from Googlereader most of the time and sometimes I read the first sentence and then click the post away, because I get angry at the feelings you create in me. Then sometimes I come especially for that. But I guess that makes a great writer, creating emotions in your readers. I admire your skill, your strength and your honesty. So for your Blogbirthday I wish you all the best and many more blogging years, full of inspiration and readers.

Your faithful reader Jokerine.

JaneB said...

Hi there, just a brief delurk to say hello. Your experiences remind me that I'm not alone... do keep writing!

Psycgirl said...

Hi Katie! I comment all the time, so this is nothing new :) I really enjoy reading your blog, and I like seeing the patterns that come out. I have my own book addiction, so I don't need any more!

Alethea said...

Happy blog-day, then. Keeping a blog is just like keeping a diary - although one doesn't necessarily not the same sorts of events - but it's the trends over time that are interesting. Or nerve-wracking - or whatever. I'm totally impressed at your other writing skills and stick-with-it-ness. Way to go! A blog, and life, and science on top of all this: you can count on my admiration.

post-doc said...

Wow. This must be why people have delurking days! I'm surprised but so pleased to hear from everyone.

Brazen Hussy-
I didn't know you read! Perhaps I shouldn't have been so shy about joining writing month.

I couldn't ask for a better email buddy. Thanks for the comment - I'm glad you're around.

I've always liked you so much and love your comments.

Another old friend! Thanks for sticking around.

I miss your blog updates, but very much hope life is going well.

La Rebelde-
I'm always up for a justification, so thanks! I think I found you through JustMe, though I can't remember exactly when that happened either.

One of the mysterious google readers. I tend to unsubscribe from those people who consistently bug me, so I suppose I'm glad you get something from the the ones you read. I applaud faithful, so thank you.

It's my favorite part of the online community - the relief that someone else does or feels the way I do. I'm truly glad you sometimes find that here.

I comment all the time for you too. :) I hope life improves for you very soon too - I know how draining the melancholy feelings get.

The admiration is mutual. Thank you.

Amanda said...

Hi. I tend to read from google reader. I identify a lot with what you say and I hope that things get better for you!

P.S. I read romance novels, too. I love happy endings.

Day ByDay said...

Hi Katie!

I've commented before, and also appreciate the comments you leave on my blog (and the more recent emails we've exchanged too!).

I have a question for you - more of a thought experiment that I've often given myself: If you won the lottery or for some other reason no longer had any financial worries, would you still pursue the type of career/lifestyle that you are currently considering? You are of course still allowed to take time off and go travel/spend time with family, etc. But I'm talking more long term. Without the restrictions of having to actually make some money, what would you do? :)

ScienceWoman said...

Hi Katie,

(blogger just ate my last comment, so this one will be shorter)

I've been reading on bloglines and not commenting much this fall, in part because our stories have had some similar aspects.

You've been so amazing helping your mom. I haven't talked about it much, but my mom had cancer surgery in August and has been on a slow, and uneven, recovery since then. Unfortunately, I've only been able to listen from a distance. So I've been (weirdly) jealous that you've been able to be with your Mom and take care of her. You are a brave and compassionate person. Thank you for sharing your stories with us.

baggage said...

Hi! I read all the time from google, but I don't click over to comment enough and for that I apologize!

CharlieAmra said...

Hey, I read your blog! I just do not comment. . .that often. . .

Congrats on the milestone!

Anonymous said...

I'm coming late to the party, but hello! I lurk here occasionally, and I like reading your blog because I appreciate the way you write--your entries often have a storylike quality.

Oanh said...


sorry for coming so late to this and congratulations on 700 posts!

I'm impressed :-)

I read you via a feed reader, so I don't always comment, and I read you in a catch up on weekends, so it's always old news by the time I get to it ...

I may also email you re those romance books - woo hoo! But work and life are grinding me down at the moment - as evidenced by my lack of posting.

post-doc said...

I'm glad you said something - I hadn't found your blog before yesterday. And it's always good to meet someone who shares my affection for the romance genre. :)

Let me know if I should give my people a nudge. I'm happy to do so.

I would take some time off, I think, if I had no financial needs. But I would also return to doing what I do. I like it and would definitely miss it. But I've always said if there came a time when I couldn't find a job, I'd do something else. I just don't know what that would be. :)

I'd hoped your mom was doing very well and had recovered quickly. I'm so sorry to hear that's not the case and know it's hard that you're not able to be in two places at once. And I know you're quite busy with Minnow and classes and the like - I hope everything continues to go well.

I enjoy your blog a huge amount and won't accept apologies for not commenting. There's no need. But I do love reading what you write.

Sorry, Charlie. But excuses don't count. :) Creative license and all that.

I've been short on the stories, but I finally wrote a long one this morning! Thank you for reading and for the compliment.

I've missed your posts lately and you're more than welcome to books if you decide you want them. You write beautifully and I look forward to reading what you post next.

SJ said...

Hi there,

I'm really late to de-lurk. In my defence i can only read this on Fridays. I like having a whole weeks worth to catch up on but I'm frequently behind the times.

I'm not sure how I discovered your blog but I've stayed lurking to read because (like so many other commenters), I enjoy your story-telling ability.

Hugs & for your Mom as well. I hope things are going well there

SJ said...

Hi there,

I'm really late to de-lurk. In my defence i can only read this on Fridays. I like having a whole weeks worth to catch up on but I'm frequently behind the times.

I'm not sure how I discovered your blog but I've stayed lurking to read because (like so many other commenters), I enjoy your story-telling ability.

Hugs & for your Mom as well. I hope things are going well there

post-doc said...

Oh, to control my blog reading enough to only do it once a week. I'm addicted though and require daily fixes. :) Thanks for reading.

Mom is back at work this week and though her knees are bothering her, she seems happier being in a routine and around people again. So all seems well. Thank you very much for asking.

repressed librarian said...

I've been out of town for most of the last week and am just now catching up on emails and blog reading, but I wanted to let you know that I'm still here and still reading, as always :-)

earnest expat said...

And don't forget the Middle East! (I know, I've been a bad reader lately. But I will get better. I promise.0

Quiche said...

I've been reading from bloglines--but as you can probably see I'm shamefully behind on my reading! So, happy belated blog day.

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