Thursday, December 30, 2010

Observations on...

An Evening

"Oops," I giggled when the flash went off, easily startled in my tipsy state. "Hold on," I instructed Doug, frowning with great focus and bracing my camera to still the slight tremble of my hand. "Oh," I sighed when I glanced at the small screen. "I always blur nighttime photos."

"It could have something to do with the mojito," he suggested and I turned to see him smile and nodded my happy agreement. "Did the one before dinner look blurred?" he asked and I giggled again without answering.

My favorite photo of the evening - and the only one nondescript enough to share on my blog, actually - is that unexpected one. With the squiggles of light and reflections of salty slush on his windows. It's somehow lovely and interesting.

Oh, the observations are as follows:
  • There is no good (public) way to pull up a stocking that has lost its grip on my thigh! It was embarrassing. Doug was utterly blase about the whole thing when I had to lift my skirt under the table and rearrange my hosiery. I apologized all over myself and ordered a drink.
  • I enjoy - a lot, actually - arguing with him. He teased me about rivers and screwdrivers and I pointed out that making multiple left turns in a row was likely the most difficult route to get to a parking lot. We've reached the 'comfortable teasing' phase.
  • He managed to find guacamole. He's willingness to indulge my avocado addition is impossibly adorable.
  • I like compliments on how pretty I look. I was too tipsy to remember if he called me wonderful or beautiful or something else, but it was much more flattering than "only slightly OK."
  • I still feel like I'm playing dress-up when I wear red lipstick.
  • I used the In-Styler that my parents got me for Christmas. I did not believe in the device before, but it's kind of delightful. My hair had body and curl while being very shiny.
  • "What's the difference between indubitably and undoubtedly?" I asked Doug and he shrugged. I just looked it up (making this an ideal transition to my next part) - there isn't one. Indubitably is 'too evident to be doubted.' Mental note: use 'indubitably' more.

A Morning

The snow is melting, creating a dripping, slushy version of a winter wonderland. I find I'm much more content to take long walks on gloomy days - Chienne can stop and sniff. In the bright sunshine, I tend to squint and hurry her along. But as I paused by various paths and later dressed and went to work, I had additional observations.
  • Do I not seem like the type of person who should have a kinky preference or two? I don't, but I have this feeling that I should discover at least one.
  • There's something gloomy about walking past a cheeseburger lying in a parking lot. Once part of a Happy Meal, it later rested - sodden and sad - on a rain-soaked parking lot with a single bite taken from the edge.
  • I once dropped a red slushy on my way back from the ice cream shop. My grandpa went to get me another one when I began to cry with shock and horror.
  • I spend less time in hospitals than I did as an academic. But I still pray for anyone who rolls past me, pausing in conversation or redirecting my thoughts for a moment as my heels click down the tiled corridors.
  • I have great fondness for flowers that aren't flowers. I realized I have flats with fabric flowers on the toes, fabric flower headbands and rings with flower themes. I also favor floral scents.
  • Napping on clean sheets is one of my most favorite of passtimes.
  • Exchanging email with a new man with an excellent vocabulary is another. (Winnowing, noetic, Quebecois...I love new words.)
  • While I didn't mind working for a bit today, I am thoroughly enjoying being lazy this week. Sleep and cleaning and cooking and just sort of daydreaming is a fantastic way to end 2010.

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