Thursday, December 09, 2010

Answer: Very

How flattered was I that Carolyn called me a Versatile Blogger?

According to the rules, I should share 7 facts you're unlikely to find elsewhere.
  1. A colleague and friend's last day was today. I was on a call when she came by and I barely stopped myself from clinging to her and begging her not to go. I hate being left.
  2. I had not been kissed on a first date until fairly recently. I thought I was missing out and I was totally right.
  3. Chienne's good eye looks bad. I hate that there's little I can do to prevent complete blindness but know my girl will handle it much better than I would.
  4. People can make me laugh even when I'm feeling anxious and isolated and quite unwell. If only I could force myself to partake of company when I'm depressed, it might lift much faster.
  5. I have been depressed this week. I've started a few posts to tell you about it but deleted them all. I struggled. It was hard. I think I'm doing better.
  6. When struggling to cope, I can escape into blogs and books and find I'm able to relax - at least a little - by spending time with someone's thoughts even when I'm alone at home.
  7. I'm struck by how happy I've been lately - granting favors, giving smiles, waving off offenses. This week has been the opposite - I've refused and complained and pointed out weaknesses. I hate that I spread unhappiness when I am sad and very much hope I'm done doing that now.
How great is my affection for spaces places that are inspiring and lovely and beautifully written? Filled with character and challenges and this amazing grace?

  1. it's probably me
  2. The Bean Chronicles
  3. dirt and rocks
  4. More than a Minivan Mom
  5. mamapundit
  6. Now, what was I doing?
  7. You Win Some, You Learn Some

I've read some of these for years and consider the authors as bloggy friends. Others have been more recent additions to my reader and the women who write them are strangers to me, albeit strangers who have made me think and cry and pray and giggle. All are exquisitely written. And how highly recommended?


JaneB said...

Aw, sorry to hear about the depression. I hate when it sneaks up and leaks out all over the place! Hope it continues to clear. And an award? Wow, my first!! Thank you my friend.

Brigindo said...

Hoping the depression doesn't decide to settle in for a while and that you're already feeling a bit better.

Thanks so much for the award. You know I feel the same!

The bean-mom said...

Like Brigindo, I feel the same!

Thank you for the award, Katie. I know I haven't commented much of late, and I've been a behind in my general blog reading... but I always come back to your space here for your words and your pictures, and because I think of you as a friend. I've been happy to hear that you've been generally happy of late, and I hope this week's mood lifts and you get back to that happiness soon! Merry Christmas!

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