Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy List

  1. I'm feeling better.
  2. I reserved a flight to go see Friend in December. I miss Friend and have been pretty horrible at keeping in touch. So I'm completely excited about going back and looking around and reconnecting with one of my most favorite people.
  3. Chienne and I have been taking long walks on different paths for the past 3 days. It's surprisingly refreshing to see new houses and climb new hills when my brain is busy.
  4. I picked up my mail and 2 new rings from Overstock arrived. I've been picking up pretty yet inexpensive pieces to wear on my left hand for over a year and I like the variety and sparkle.
  5. Work is going to be intense next week as we prepare for a Big Event. But after a restful Saturday, I think I'm mentally prepared to perform brilliantly.
  6. Brother has a job offer he has accepted.
  7. My parents and the Ones will visit in a little over a week.
  8. It's deliciously cold - perfect for lazy weekends and flames in the fireplace and lengthy bubble baths.
  9. I'm going to church this morning - I generally feel more settled after worship.
  10. I've been writing more than average of late - if that's not happy, you can anticipate a decrease in posting as work gets increasingly demanding. (See? I try to be inclusive!)

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