Tuesday, March 02, 2010

The Letter S

I am So Sleepy - that's why posts are becoming more gimmicky.
I have the Sesame Street Song in my head.
Sunny days, Sweeping the (wait) clouds away...
The Seagulls attacked.
It Sucked.
I had Sushi with Sibling.
Sprout keeps Screwing with Chienne. Batting at her ears, pouncing when she sleeps.
I feel Sorry for her.
And I Swat at him.
My Shoulder and neck are knotted with tension.
I think I'm Sleeping wrong.
Tomorrow, I'll sit on a plane for a long day trip.
I Shall face Pete for the first time since my defense.
I Still make faces when I think about him.
He's a Son of a... Sucker.
I Sigh with exhaustion.
So much So that I can't think of any more Statements.

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Seeking Solace said...

Sounds like some of this stuff sucks!

Sorry...I had to play too. :)

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