Sunday, February 28, 2010

11:00 last week

Monday AM - Deciding between 3 meetings, all of which I'd accepted - on my calendar.
PM - Fast asleep.

Tuesday AM - In a cab on my way to New York City.
PM - On my way home from the airport. Fell asleep before having a chance to shower.

Wednesday AM - I have no recollection. It was a 16 hour day at the office and it's blurred.
PM - In the lab, doing experiments that were failing left and right.

Thursday AM - At lunch with my parents, having scampered away from work after having a tense meeting and before catching another plane.
PM- In a car in Louisiana, leaving the airport and heading toward a hotel

Friday AM - Just arrived back at the hotel for a nap after an intense presentation to a board of directors.
PM - Just arriving at my local airport, gathering energy to find my car and head home.

Saturday AM - At Menards with my parents, picking out pretty new light fixtures for my bathrooms!
PM - Fast asleep.

Sunday AM - In the lab again, working through 10 hours of experiments due tomorrow.
PM - Planning to be fast asleep.

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Brigindo said...

What a cool idea for a post and what a hectic life. Hope you're sleeping.

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