Friday, January 29, 2010

Return to Routine

Sprout had to remind me to feed him, leaping to the bed and nudging me with gentle purrs until I glanced away from my laptop and into his green eyes. I nodded in response to his steady gaze, rising to go downstairs and fill his dish with kibble.

Apart from that lapse, all has settled rather easily into normalcy.

I drove to work without thinking, moving along steadily and making the necessary turns to reach my office. Chienne and I had taken a walk - she waiting patiently until I put on her leash; I moving over residual bits of ice as quickly as possible while she explored neighborhood smells once again. I swiped the key card that had rested in the Jeep's console, right where it was meant to be. I settled my laptop on my desk and plugged in the monitor, mouse and keyboard before searching for my water bottle and coffee cup and going to get cold and hot water, respectively.

I peeked in my mailbox while peppermint tea steeped and smiled at people who welcomed me back, telling them Europe was wonderful. I received my award and took phone calls and meetings. I talked to Adam - giggling over stories and writing down instructions for next steps on certain projects. When I could no longer force my brain to function - jet lag is sucking away my stamina - I uploaded photos and ordered prints I could slip into the frame I'd bought before leaving.

I left early, waving at my group as we dispersed from one last meeting. I stopped to buy groceries, sleepily wandering through aisles and repeatedly consulting my list to make sure I didn't need to return tomorrow morning for cream (or tonight for Chienne's kibble). I smiled as I dumped the latter in her container - she gets so excited when new kibble comes. I settled food into proper places and tried to sort through piles of mail.

When I stared at an envelope for a very long time, trying to decide whether or not to open it when I knew it was junk mail and didn't matter either way, I shrugged and decided 7:30 was better than last night's 6 for bedtime.

I still feel unsettled - unsure if it's hormones or continued changes at work or other sources of worry. But it is good to be home. Perhaps once I spend a few more days here, I'll relax again.

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