Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Fun Facts

I have finished mapping out the Europe trip. It will go plane-plane-train-train-[free afternoon]-[work]-train-[work]-plane-[work]-[work]-plane-[TBD]-[free]-plane-[free]-[work]-plane-plane-plane. That's a lot of transportation.


"I'll be there on the 18th," I reported to some colleagues. "That happens to be the day I turn 31!"

"You're 31?" one of them asked, blinking at me.

"No," I replied, blinking at him in return. "I'm 30. I turn 31 in a couple weeks." I smiled and patted his shoulder when he settled his forehead against the desk and lamented that he barely remembered being 30.

"To be young, brilliant and attractive," he sighed at me and I loved him a little for it.


Adam has a new boss. Said boss - while fantastic, I'm sure - makes me defensive and sensitive and very upset. I'm trying not to visibly bristle when he criticizes me. I know I work for him and must do as he says and gracefully accept his suggestions. But I'm not used to anyone questioning me. I hate feeling like I'm not good at the job I feel I've learned pretty well. So this is an unexpectedly difficult time.


It helps that I have redecorated my bedroom. I read an article on decluttering and making the master suite feel peaceful. So I rearranged furniture, put a bunch of stuff away and decided to move all my black and white prints to this room. I also tore down the blinds that clad my sliding doors and replaced them with cream crushed satin drapes framing taupe sheers. It looks like my window is wearing a fancy nightie. Between the lovely atmosphere and new flannel bedding in the cold, winter nights, I'm sleeping very well.


My precious project at work is getting less respect than it deserves. Which isn't that big a deal, but - on top of leadership shifts that affect me - makes me very sad. So I'm reminding myself that change - while unnerving - can be very positive. I'm carefully taking my pill each night and forcing myself to commute to the office each morning. And I know it will get better soon.

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