Monday, December 07, 2009

Happy, happy!

  • I received official approval to book travel to Europe. There is now a chance that I'll turn 31 in London!
  • It's snowing! I enjoy snow once it's on the ground but I'm happiest while it's falling from the sky. Forecast indicates it will be falling from the sky a great deal this week.
  • It's Monday! The Big Bang Theory is on Monday (CBS. 8:30 Central). It makes me giggle.
  • Chienne is sleeping across the room. I missed her. It's very comforting to have her home.
  • I awakened at 5:15 feeling rested. I'm growing used to darkness that won't lift until I'm on my way to work. And I'm still happiest in the morning.


Seeking Solace said...

Cheers to you on your London trip. How exciting!!!!

Sleeping pups are just too cute :)

T said...

I love love love The Big Bang!!

Anonymous said...

Sweet! London for a birthday!


Digger said...

London for a birthday sounds great!

Anonymous said...

yay for all the happy stuffs!

Orlando Hotels said...

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