Saturday, July 04, 2009


  • I have awakened at 2:00 or 3:00 in the morning for more nights than I can recall. It's a mixture of bad dreams, thinking I heard a noise and, perhaps, habit.
  • If it's 2AM, I sing Anna Nalick in my head.
  • 3AM means Matchbox Twenty.
  • My sleep schedule is so screwed. And Dream Katie grows tired of running from people. Just not tired enough to sleep and stay asleep.
  • Chienne and I hid in the basement this evening.
  • It's been cool enough to keep the house open of late, but it grew warm this afternoon. I do not like being hot.
  • It's nearly the 4th of July and people are exploding things. Chienne does not like fireworks so she curled up in the shower of the bathroom downstairs. I gave her a sofa cushion so she'd be more comfortable and turned the television way up.
  • Sprout came to visit. He likes to screw with the dog and it's easier to get my attention when she's in hiding.
  • My chapter is coming along beautifully. Apparently, giving it vague consideration but applying no real effort for several months allowed my brain to be ready to write it.
  • I spent Thursday making figures.
  • I spent yesterday making final figure revisions, writing text and adding references.
  • It was a surprisingly lovely process. Though I was out of practice of thinking about a topic in that particular way, I fell back into it easily enough and am enjoying the experience far more than I thought I would.
  • I had a choice for the last section and - shockingly - I went for the more challenging choice. I still don't know how to write it, but I've decided it's important that I do.
  • I decided on a more relaxed style. I tell stories and use silly words and basically sound like Katie. I may edit it out, but I like to think I'm growing more comfortable with sharing how I view things.
  • Well, comfortable in my professional self. I've always been pretty comfortable on a personal level.
  • I changed the art in my living room. The vintage travel posters are now downstairs.
  • Friend liked the birthday present I sent! So I was pleased (mostly) that I didn't keep it.
  • I just realized blogging had dipped for the summer. It's a natural process, of course, but given that summer is now meaningless to me (I don't even get to enjoy a less-crowded campus), it took some time for me to put it together.
  • I like Wing Street Wings delivered by Pizza Hut. My local (what's the word? For the single element of a chain? Franchise?) place just recently began to carry them. Not being a huge Pizza Hut fan in general, I was pleased to hear of the chicken addition.
  • My house - while lovely - has few delivery options.
  • Work is going reasonably well.
  • I'm still the favorite of my group. In general, I'm only happy if I'm the favorite.
  • Being the favorite means I get more work. It's just higher profile.
  • It's very close to my one year anniversary! Does that seem odd to anyone else?
  • I'm getting quite good at telling people no. (I'm also very skilled at telling people they're being mean and that's inappropriate and knock it the hell off.)
  • I miss blogging. I remember when I used to compose posts in my head every day, take time to write in Word and edit in Blogger before publishing and pore over site stats.
  • The communities established here continue to amaze me.
  • Kim made a comment on my Skirt Length post. She has a survey if you have a few moments and would like to help out. I have already done so.
  • The time for reflection - if I made it - might cut down on the nightmares and sleepless hours before dawn.


Anonymous said...

first of all, i love that you sign 2AM and 3AM when you wake at those times--do you know the dance mix version of 2AM? i love it. better than the original.

oh, the main reason i wanted to comment--can you give chienne benadryl to calm her down? the divine miss t is about 24 pounds and i give her up to one every 24 hours when it's storming or 4th of july or new year's, because she will do the same thing--hide in the tub or she'll try to wedge herself between the back of the toilet and the wall and just shake. a vet had told my mom that the benadryl was a fine sedative for dogs--miss t even has liver issues and she tolerates the benadryl just fine. it takes her about an hour or two before it actually sedates her, which is usually by the time all the commotions are over, but at least she sleeps really soundly and if they start up again, she doesn't notice.


Maude Lebowski said...

uh, i meant sing, not "sign."

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