Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I guess you had to be there.

Wry Amusement
I joined Facebook to keep track of my grad school friends. We scattered far and wide and it seemed wise to all keep our contact information in one place.

I added a few blog friends, which was fine but a little odd to explain. Most of my real life people aren't aware of the blog, nor do I want them to read it, so that'd be awkward.

Work people found me pretty quickly, but I enjoy them a great deal so I was happy to add them to my list of friends.

But now it's customers. Which is cool in the sense that they are smart, interesting, funny people, but odd in the sense that part of my job is to keep them happy. So when I added yet another one to my friends as I simultaneously took phone calls at 9:45PM, I thought there were no lines between personal and professional. If it's available, Industry wants it.

I grinned, turning my head to look at the distinctive sound of the screen door rolling open on its tracks. Mom and I were seated on the patio, talking about nothing memorable, and Smallest One – who is currently at the stage where every single action makes me want to scoop her up and snuggle because she’s Just That Adorable – toddled carefully across the threshold and down the small step.

“Close the door,” Dad reminded her from inside.

“No bugs,” she responded and he told her that was right. Closing the door kept the bugs from coming inside. Brow creased with focus on her task, she pushed the door to the left, beginning to turn as it slid closed easily. She paused, turning to face the door again when it hit the jam and slid open about an inch. Sighing dramatically, she took two steps toward the erstwhile door and pushed it firmly closed.

“Stay,” she told it firmly, pointing her finger at the screen for good measure. Then she grinned at me when I giggled in delight, puckering her tiny lips to receive kisses as she grew used to my habit of cuddling her close and telling her how wonderful she was.

Sheepish smile
Him: Where are you? Can we talk now?
Me: Customer call. Not so much.
Him: You are chatting with me while talking to customers?!
Me: Well, yes. That's the way I roll. (Aside: I am, by the way, writing this blog post while on a conference call. It is the way I roll.)
Him: Talk to you soon then? I get withdrawal symptoms if we don't speak at least once a day!
Me: I know! I miss you so much!! But I have been talking to your team. It's like one of you has to take Katie-duty while the rest get work done.
Him: It's because you make too much noise!
---Minutes pass while I let him wonder if I am Deeply Offended. I sometimes get Deeply Offended.---
Katie: But I have stuff to say!
Him: You definitely do. Are you still with customers?
Katie: No - we wrapped up. Why? Do you want to talk to me?!
Him: Of course.

I should close this with something approximating witty, but I'm exhausted. So I'll leave it at that and go to bed.


Seeking Solace said...

Blog friends have an unwritten rule. Don't mention the blog or blog identities on FB.

Drop me an email if you want to friend. :)

ScienceWoman said...

Me too. I want to be a FB friend. Heavens know why. But I treasure my blog friends on Facebook more than any of those other "friends."

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