Tuesday, December 30, 2008

It's back to work I go.

"Hello!" I greeted the first man from my group that I saw. "Is that a new sweater? It's very pretty." I waved at another, had a long lunch with a third and stopped by a fourth's desk for a hug.

"Do you find you're working for idiots?" Jay asked while we sat on the laundry room floor after Christmas. I immediately shook my head.

"It's different," I said, for I never learned how to do tasks I'm now required to complete, "but there is tremendous talent in Industry. I have a tremendous amount of respect for my boss and his boss and feel challenged by various responsibilities. I do like it."

"You've been in sales too long," Cousin told him when he looked befuddled by my answer. He nodded his agreement.

I settled at my desk, checked my messages and withdrew a couple of desk pretties I got for Christmas. I went to fetch my mail and sent a letter on the way then grabbed my coat and computer to walk across campus for a meeting. I returned to organize email and tackle a couple of the smaller requests. I wrote letters and evaluated several proposals. I pulled data from archives and glanced through it before submitting it to several new reviewers.

It was quiet - I'd say about half of us are working this week. Instead of conversations - there's a typical chatter as people meet and take phone calls - there was only an occasional word or two spoken while people wrote. Catching up on email, getting documentation completed, filing all those piles of papers that accumulated during the year. It's quite lovely.

I returned home and called to see how things were with my parents. The girls went with their maternal grandparents yesterday and Mom has decided she'll likely retire in January. Dad had questions and advice and I listened patiently. I gasped when Mom took the phone again as something occurred to me.

"I forgot to tell Rainbow Dash Matilda that I loved her!" I said, opening my laptop to go to the Webkinz page. "Oh, no! Today and yesterday - no food, no love. Crap."

"I told Little One's pets I loved them," Mom said, quite superior in her virtual pet care.

"I'm still settling in," I defended myself, clicking on several screens to make sure my online dog was doing well. "But I did pay all my bills yesterday. I'm figuring it out."

I will remember to tell all of you that I'm very grateful for the comments. Family stuff can be hard and I was comforted by what you all wrote. Thank you. If you were a Webkinz, I would totally feed you and buy you cool stuff for your room.

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