Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Recap

  • "Christmas is over," we told Little One as I carefully navigated through heavy fog on the way home last night. I glanced into the backseat and saw she was asleep, her head nestled into the puffy, pink coat she wore.
  • Moon Sand is messy. It could be the most awesome substance ever - nearly irresistable, in fact - but the stuff gets everywhere.
  • I am excellent at making paper chains and training those who have similar interests.
  • When I decide to sit in the cool, quiet laundry room with Cousin's dog while at Aunt's Day-After-Christmas-But-Pretending-It's-Christmas celebration, I will soon have much company. I ended up with Jay and Cousin, Brother and Aunt. The latter suggested we join the rest of the family.
  • Children are capable of very high-pitched, impossibly shrill screams. My cousins both have husbands who took turns being trolls and monsters, chasing the four kids around Aunt's house. While Smallest One fell behind and giggled, the other three (age ~4 years) emitted such sounds as to make me long for the laundry room again.
  • I laughed until it hurt, wiping tears from my eyes and gasping for breath around giggles when making Strawberry Surprise with Mom. The trigger was rather silly - not even worth explaining since it wasn't particularly funny - but we both leaned on the counter as we laughed and laughed. And it was lovely.
  • Dad annoys Little One. A lot. He believes he's teasing. She believes he's an asshole.
  • "You used to fight like that," Dad told me of my childhood with Brother when I remarked on Little and Smallest Ones frequent squabbles. "Yes," I replied with a frown, "but I hated him."
  • "You think of no one but yourself!" I scolded him as we drove to Aunt's. He was 90 minutes late, having "worked" all day while we watched the girls. "I save lives for a living!" he cried. I blinked at him and stared. "You sell apartments for a retirement community!" I finally yelled. "And you're completely delusional!" He smiled and shrugged while I seethed.
  • "Did you get that for Christmas?" I asked Little Cousin of the giant, pink Barbie airplane. "From Santa," Cousin said. "And it's a party plane - six Barbies, all completely nude."
  • Little One got me a Webkinz. She's an American Cocker Spaniel and I've named her Rainbow Dash Matilda. I have also played many Webkinz games so I can - for some reason - buy her stuff for her virtual room. She's currently wearing yoga pants and a red shirt with a matching red bow between her floppy ears. Which reminds me - I need to tell her I love her today and make sure she has enough food. She likes watermelons.
  • I keep cocking my head at Little One. "If you're going to fake-cry," I suggest, "you should work at being better at it."
  • I must go to the toy room to explain computer applications to Dad as often as Little One.
  • I'm growing used to sleeping with Little One. Mom has a daybed in the back bedroom and we pull out the trundle bed as well. Chienne and I share one while Little One takes the other and it's oddly comforting to open my eyes throughout the night to check and make sure she's OK.
  • Smallest One dances - she likes theme songs to television shows and the jingles that come from her toys. Her favorite move is putting one arm straight out behind her and crossing the other one across her chest. Then she bounces. It's fantastic.
  • Dad just gave the garbage men holiday tips. He's very proud.
  • I think I'll stay until Monday and then head home. Christmas, after all, is over.


The bean-mom said...

Ah, I love this recap. Sounds like a crazy, chaotic (but obviously also very warm and loving) holiday celebration.

And I HATE MoonSand! That stuff sucks. My husband bought it for our girls and we instantly regretted it. Serves him right for getting suckered in by those tv commercials.

Psych Post Doc said...

I would have been in the laundry room with you as well. :)

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