Wednesday, February 06, 2008

That's why I ask.

"I've never been invited to give a talk there." Steve said when I had dinner with him last week (or whenever that was.)

"I don't know that I was either." I said of my upcoming trip and seminar. I graduated from an excellent program at a highly regarded university. But when Advisor and I talked last summer, I said I'd like to come visit, he casually mentioned giving a seminar and I pounced on the opportunity. I'm still in touch with my contacts in Italy, but that talk hasn't happened. So I rather like the idea of visiting and noting on my CV that I had multiple invited seminars this year. I sent an email to Advisor asking about a date and then set up the whole thing with the seminar series coordinator.

I ran some errands this morning in preparation for my trip. (Work is really slow, so I'm taking over a week off to prepare for and travel to deliver a 60 minute seminar and the travel around such an event.) I put the suitcase in my car with the newly-changed oil because I have to trick Sprout to trap him in his carrier and it takes time for him to forget about the evil bag. As I was washing my hair and thinking happily through the next few days of seeing family and meeting friends and driving roads that became intimately familiar over the years I spent in grad school, I realized I could write to Industry Giant. I'm still interested in a particular job and while I emailed my contact directly, submitted my materials online, and called to leave a voicemail, I always meant to nudge him one more time before admitting defeat.

I put on pajamas and loaded the dishwasher before composing a quick note that stated I'd be in a nearby city to give a seminar at my former department of excellence at highly regarded university. And if he had the time and desire to meet, I'd be happy to stop by to talk. Satisfied by my last message, I decided to take a nap in celebration.

I woke to see he'd replied almost immediately. He said he's been traveling, apologized for the delay and asked me to let him set something up. I blinked at it for a moment, surprised and very pleased. In my recent mood, I was sure that they were uninterested and unimpressed. And while that would have been OK, I'm pleased that I'm at least in the category of 'if she's going to be around anyway, let's at least talk to her.' As to whether this will actually happen, I'm not sure. But I am glad I sent the email.

Even if I don't hear from him again. (I'll let you know if the disappointment is strong when he hasn't replied by the time I reach my parents' tomorrow evening.)


flossie said...

Good for you! Persistence pays.

Anonymous said...

Congrats! Fingers crossed for you!

- Anna

Amanda said...

I'm sending good vibes your way. :-)

Brigindo said...

sometimes your mojo can change on a dime. congratulations!

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