Sunday, February 24, 2008

Not Impressed

"Hey, buddy," I said to my stripey cat when we returned home. Friend bugs me about buying toys for Chienne all the time but rarely bringing much home for the cat. In my defense, he doesn't destroy his toys so he doesn't require as many new ones. But, still, I bought him a feathery toy and a dot - he loves to chase the dot from laser pointers - that attached to his neck. He allowed me to velcro the device around his neck, realized he could not remove it and fled.

Sprout returned to the living room not much later and allowed Friend to pick him up from his hiding place behind the plant. She turned on the red light and he freaked the hell out, racing back down the hall to hide under my bed. Friend followed him after asking where he went.

"Under my bed," I offered. "And he shouldn't be hard to find. He is glowing red after all." I heard her making soothing noises and she returned several minutes later.

"Did you take it off?" I asked and she shook her head.

"He won't let me," she said after telling me the light was quite bright. I wandered down the hall to check. I dropped to my tummy on the floor and opened my mouth to speak to my tortured feline but giggled instead. Then I went to get my camera. Then I reached between the wall and the bed and he let me release the velco and remove the awful thing from his neck. After a suitable amount of time passed, he went to eat some kibble.

But the toy was not such a success.


Anonymous said...

Poor stripey cat.

Anonymous said...

Poor baby! They have no capacity for understanding these things. Perhaps he thought he had an alien on his neck! Too cute.

- Anna

T said...

Oh his face says it all!

Wayfarer Scientista said...

awww...poor kitty. My animals both mostly get "collected" toys, i.e. the cat gets feathers off the beach, the dog moose bones he finds in the snow.

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