Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Picture Postcards

Dear Canon PowerShot ELPH 500HS,

Thank you for accompanying me on this trip, like others we have taken together before.  Remember when we were in Versailles in February?  It's much prettier now - more colors to capture as the flowers bloom.  It's rather gently joyful, don't you think?

Some may find it rather pathetic that you're my travel buddy, but I've grown fond of wandering alone through streets and up paths with you dangling from my wrist.  It reminds me to pause and examine the moment.  To capture the way light glimmers and flows and how petals dance in the breeze.  And the output allows me to share pieces of my journey with those I love, though email and online.

I took a picture of us together in a mirror in the lobby.  I'll let you keep it to remember our fun and friendship.

Love and pretty pictures, Katie

Dear European Portion of Travel Adapter,

Please accept my apology for leaving you in my last hotel.  It was a regrettable oversight - I really meant to unplug you and put you neatly with your friends for the other countries and was dismayed to find you missing upon my arrival at my new hotel. 

It was kind of the housekeeping staff to find you and my colleague to fetch you in his car though, wasn't it?  I promise to be more careful for the rest of our journey.  The electronics demand your presence to refill their batteries so you're an important component of our operation here.

Sparky kisses,

Dear Waldorf Astoria,

I've have never stayed at one of your hotels before and I will happily admit that I'm impressed.  The buildings and gardens, lobbies and rooms - all exquisite.  I was just sitting on the velvet chaise lounge by my large window and wishing I had it in my house.  So - sincerely - nicely done.

Upon reading some reviews online though, I wondered if I might offer some advice around pricing.  I, you see, am using a very reasonable corporate rate (155 Euros) and am enjoying my stay immensely.  If you, however, demand upwards of 700 Euros for a suite - as nice as that suite may be - there's much more potential for disappointment.  Economic times are difficult.  Perhaps you could have a sale!  After all, you really are a place to sleep and shower.

With admiration and advice,

Yapping Dog Down Hall,

No.  Bad Dog.  This is the Waldorf Astoria, for goodness sake!  Dignity and decorum, s'il vous plaît.

Annoyed but whispering,
Human Next Door

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