Monday, May 07, 2012

Surgery, Left Breast

"That's on tonight," Mom said while we waited in pre-op, watching stars dance on the morning show.  "Will you watch it with me?"

"Of course I will," I replied, squeezing her hand and smiling, for Mom is lovely under most circumstances but sugar-sweet when scared.  I would have promised her anything, but mostly offered quiet support as I followed her around.

"We have to pray," I interrupted as they tried to rush us to start an IV.  "We have people here."  So we moved to the waiting room and formed a circle with linked hands.  My parents' pastor spoke while 3 of her Great Banquet friends, my dad, Brother and I bowed our heads and pleaded for strength, peace and good results. 

It made me cry, such a moment of love and support and faith. 

"I'm going," I hurriedly offered when a nurse said someone could accompany her as they settled her in a wheelchair and moved away.  So I followed her to a room and murmured reassuringly when her blood pressure was 211/153.  I waited in Radiology while they injected dye - 4 shots - into her nipple to identify sentinel lymph nodes.  Then they placed a wire into the lesion under mammo.  And she was wide awake, shaking but sweet.

I gathered our people when we returned to pre-op, finding space in area 8 for our friends to pray again.  And I finally relaxed when they injected a sedative, watching her finally relaxing, offering one last reminder that she was going home today - outpatient surgery.

We waited - which Friend tells me is normal - and joined her a couple hours later in recovery with all signs positive.  Lymph nodes looked clear.  Margins equally good.  Final report on Wednesday or Thursday. 

She came home and I arranged her, both of us wincing, on pillows in her bed as the incisions stung.  I've been setting alarms to remind us of the pills I went to fetch.  And she's eating!  She never eats after medical stuff, but she had a sandwich and salad and ice cream and is now going for a Rice Krispie Treat!  I couldn't be prouder.

So, as we watch the trios on Dancing this evening, I'm relieved.  And profoundly grateful for answered prayers and good results.

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